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FAQ's of Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance System | FAQs

FAQs of Biometric Attendance System

There are many confusions regarding the biometric attendance system and we get so many requests from our customers and the people who wish to buy the biometric attendance system. So here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions to clear your doubts and curiousness about the biometric attendance system.

1. What is Biometric Attendance System?

Biometric Attendance Systems are the devices which help in recording the precise Clock In and Out timings of the employees working in a company. Using the old manual methods for attendance is time-consuming and not accurate all the time. There can be a chance of time theft by the employees.

Biometric Attendance System maintains the transparency between the employees and the company. It helps in the growth of the company and the salary is provided to the employees as per the time they utilize in the office thus preventing the company from the financial losses.

2. How does the Biometric Attendance System Work?

The working mechanism of the Biometric Attendance System is very effective and hence it has become very popular in the world of business. It is very accurate in recording the time and attendance of the employees, it also eliminates the time theft done by the employees.

It uses the fingerprints of the employees for attendance. Hence the fingerprints of every individual are different and this makes it even more secure. It tracks the clock in and out timings of the employee. It is very safe and easy to use. No personal information of the employee is used except their fingerprints and employee ID number.

3. What is Biometric Attendance Machine?

Biometric attendance Machine is an identification and authentication device which helps in verifying the identity of a person. It uses the physical characteristics of the person and hence the rate of the accuracy of these machines are very high. There are different types of biometric attendance machines which uses the different physical characteristics to recognize the true identity of the person. These characteristics include fingerprint, facial image, voice and iris recognition.

4. What are the benefits of the Biometric Attendance System?

In workforce management, biometric attendance system is gaining popularity day by day. The list of the advantages of biometric is very huge. It eliminates the chances of time theft done by the employees and increases the security as well as accuracy. It is far better than the old paperwork methods. It reduces the extra expenses of the company by eliminating the use of papers.

What it requires is an imprint of the index finger of the employee and that is enough to manage all the attendance, access control & salary-related issues of an employee in the company. The data is trustworthy and payroll records are always accurate. Another advantage of the biometric attendance machine is it provides the automated workplace rules. It increases productivity and improves employee accountability.

5. What are the types of Biometric Attendance System?

There are two types of Biometric Attendance System which works differently but the rate of accuracy of all the systems are same and all provides original and accurate results. Biometric Attendance Systems are classified as Physiological Biometrics and Behavioral Biometrics. The physiological Biometrics requires the physical characters of the person such as face recognition, fingerprint biometric attendance system, card based biometric attendance system, hand geometry, iris recognition and DNA. The Behavioral biometrics, on the other hand, includes keystroke, signature and voice recognition.

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