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Fingerprint Attendance Systems: Pros Overpower The Cons

Lub-dub… Lub-dub… Lub-dub… I was well aware of my heartbeat as I walked down the stairs of the metro station. I was running late for work. Well, it had been raining that morning, and that was the reason for the delay. The rain prevented me from getting out of home on time in the morning.

I got out good 15 minutes later, and hence I was late. Not to forget that since it was raining, the traffic was moving slowly as well. Commuting to the metro station took longer than ever.

What really my heart sink was well-knowing the fact that the fingerprint attendance system at my workplace would know the exact time of me reaching work, and that would land me in trouble.

Now that I think of it, (Muzzling the voice of the devil in me!) fingerprint-recognition attendance systems offer a tremendous number of advantages. To start, they eliminate the hassle of signing a sheet of paper every morning and evening within and out timings.


Pros of Fingerprint Attendance Systems

Of course, that means, they lower the cost of the manual maintenance of records. Not to forget, they are quick and time-saving for the employees. The biometric attendance system and punching biometric devices being accurate is an advantage both for the employer, as well as the employees.

Imagine you and a colleague both reach work at the same time. Say, 9: 35 AM. Work starts at 9: 30 AM every morning. However, you being an honest worker write the exact time, while your colleague forges the timing to indicate that he wasn’t late for work.

Now, isn’t that unfair to you?

A biometric attendance system eliminates any chance of forgery. It shows no bias. If you and a colleague arrive together, it’s the same time for both of you.

For the employer, of course, the benefits are several. No chance of employees manipulating their timings. No cost of manual maintenance of records, especially for organizations with a large number of employees.


Starlink Best Quality and Authentic Products

In fact, one of Star Link’s biometric devices, the ‘Bio Track’ can also be used for taking attendance at places such as construction sites. The mobile (By mobile, I mean hand-held.) device is connected via LAN, Wi-Fi, or GPRS.

So why don’t you get a biometric fingerprint attendance system and facial recognition system for the office you own? And if are an employee, why don’t you suggest to your employer get one? My heart may beat a little faster now and then, but the accuracy of the system keeps me visibly relaxed!

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