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Adoption of Biometrics in Schools

The use of biometric controls are no longer restricted to the field of national security. Without waves and debates, it is now the part of our daily life and that of our children.

Biometric is the authentication of a person by his unique characteristics of the human body: the structure of the iris, the fingerprint and so on. For the algorithm to compare fingerprints with patterns and identify a person, it is necessary to ensure that high-resolution images are obtained. The benefits of using biometrics to track attendance and assuring access control in schools are undeniable, but the use of personal data of minors can mean specific risks. There is no doubt that the use of biometric technologies in schools will one day become the norm, the task is to be entirely responsible for their implementation.


  1. Security
    Schools need enhanced security measures since the risk that an outsider can enter an educational institution and injure students and employees are great enough. Ensuring control over who enters and leaves school can create a much safer learning and work environment. The use of Biometrics in Banks and in schools can also ensure that everyone who works on the premises is honest, and there is no doubt about their qualifications and biography.
  2. Honesty 
    If students took exams using their biometric data, cases, when someone could pass a written examination for another person, would be impossible. The students would have no other choice but to write their work independently.
  3. Password change
    Increasingly, the progress data of the students are stored on the Internet. However, many people forget their passwords and spend a lot of time remembering them. There is also a risk that someone will recognize their password and steal their work, which will affect their academic performance at school or college. If a student uses biometric data to login into his computer system, he does not have to use the passwords any longer, and all this information will be safe. It makes the use of biometric data doubly efficient.

Upgrading the Biometrics in Healthcare through the introduction of non-contact technology facilitates physical access to buildings while enhancing the security of logical access to networks, computers, documents, data and financial reporting. Also, smart access control prevents fraud, not only providing safe access to premises but also allowing safe banking transactions. They eliminate the need to use keys that are easy enough to lose.

The transition to a unified platform for the use of access controlssystem gives the users an opportunity to move to new technologies at their own pace, convenient for them, depending on how much their budgets and resources allow. Due to the possibility of the phased introduction of new technologies, they can lay a solid foundation for the development of services and increasing competitiveness in the education market.


  1. Computer failureIn the event of a computer system failure, the data of one child may be confused with that of another child. However, in fact, this situation is less dramatic than it seems, because a computer error can be quickly eliminated, and the child’s data can be restored.


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