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Biometric Technology On International Borders

A smooth & safe flow of people across international borders has always been a major objective of border agencies across the world. But the attacks of 9/11 on the World Trade Centre (WTC) and Pentagon in America exposed a major lapse in safety & security guidelines being followed. The terror attack of mammoth proportions stressed the need for a much more secure framework of procedures to be followed to seal a country’s borders not just from terrorists, but also illegal immigrants, smugglers and peddlers. As the number of tourists crossing borders grows by the year, and countries such as the United States, Canada & United Kingdom accept immigrants displaced due to the war in Iraq & Syria, this job becomes more complex. Add to this the fact that these criminals and potential criminals, the terrorists and smugglers, are constantly gaining access to new technologies to forge their identities. Border agencies just can’t afford to use traditional methods of identification!

While investing in modern identification management systems and retraining of security agents is very expensive, it is the only way forward. The coast guard, security agents and law enforcement officials can use mobile biometric devices to identify known terrorists, smugglers and other criminals. In fact, if countries come up with an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), they can manage the flow of visitors even at remote locations.


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