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Star Link India: A Genuine Contribution to “Vocal For Local”

Exhibiting how the in-house research & development played a major role in developing an indigenous contactless temperature measuring attendance device

Why the Need for “Vocal for Local” Arose?

With a simple description, the “Vocal for Local” is an advanced version of the “Swadeshi Movement” which was started in the early 20th century. COVID-19 became one of the prompt reasons why the Prime Minister is encouraging country-made products and hopes to see the citizens of the country start manufacturing products and services which we import from across the globe.

While we all are experiencing a skyrocketing price hike and lesser availability of foreign goods due to the Coronavirus global pandemic, it is seen as a golden opportunity for everyone to try their skills in innovating the products domestically against the imported ones. 

Its Effect on Biometric Attendance & Access Control Industry:

With several months of lockdown, increased duty taxes, and unavoidable international border disputes, the Indians have started boycotting Chinese goods and this has had a severe impact on the biometric attendance and access control industry too. 

On the other hand, an Indian manufacturer has come up with one of the finest contactless facial recognition biometric devices which not only marks the attendance but also senses the body temperature with the help of the Thermal Temperature Screening feature.

The sensor senses the enrolled employee’s body temperature with the help of the thermal radiations emitted by it, the radiations after being converted into electric signals are displayed on the screen along with the attendance confirmation and the time taken by the machine to do all this is merely 2 seconds. 

Also, the Biometric Attendance Machine and Biometric Devices deny access if it detects over-temperature. The machine not only helps in attendance but also helps in access control management in synchronization with;

  • Turnstile,
  • Tripod,
  • Flap barriers, 
  • Boom barriers, and
  • Factory main gate

How will it Help the Nation?

It has always been believed that the imported types of equipment provide us with the best features, services, and icing on the cake becomes the cheaper price. The darker side is never explained which is:

  • Unsatisfactory research & development,
  • Lack of knowledge over what a client demands,
  • Demand vs. Supply phenomenon,
  • Lack of distinguished features which a client looks for,
  • Inadequate or no after-sales services,
  • No associated software for data processing,
  • Lack of knowledge over different climatic & geographical conditions of any country or state,
  • Types of users and operational modes required; and many others. 

A native manufacturer will always have a clear knowledge and outcome on these kinds of problems and would always be available to serve their local clients.

What Benefits the Corporate will get From it?

From the introduction to transition, installation to satisfactory after-sales service, every phase demands complete professionalism & client satisfaction which takes a considerable amount of time. A native company would be best suited for this and on the other hand, would encourage the “Vocal for Local” initiative.  

Apart from this, some other prospects which will be meaningful and beneficial for an organization on a corporate level are:-

  • The machine should meet all the related Indian standards.
  • Equipment & the company should be Govt. Approved.
  • It should be registered on the national digital portal.

And most importantly, it should be “Made in India

With this, not only the companies would be on the brighter side but it will also boost the Indian economy, generate employment for the jobs lost due to COVID-19 & would take the country ahead.

Remember, the epidemic is for some time but an emerged country & its emerging policies will remain for you, forever.

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