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World Class Biometric Devices from Star Link

Biometric security systems are ruling the roost in the field of security. All thanks to them all other forms of security have been virtually discarded. Star Link Communication Pvt. Ltd have proved themselves to be the leaders when it comes to solutions related to Attendance and Biometric Access Control. We believe in constantly implementing better technology and innovating ourselves to provide our clients with the best products. We have compiled a list of some of the biometric security products that are high quality and quite user friendly:

Finger Based Access Control System: Bio Link is useful in managing attendance in small & medium set-ups. The device has state of the art technology and unmatchable features that makes it very useful and effective in the field of access control and attendance management system. The voice guide in the system lets you know if your punch in has been accepted or rejected. It also has a recording capacity of 2lacs records and the multiple communication mode helps in accessing data without any trouble.

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Finger Based Time Access: Bio Lynx is Another high functional product from Star Link that is quite a masterpiece and serves the purpose of attendance quite perfectly. You can keep a check on the accurate working time of your employees through this machine and be rest assured of any tampering. The storage capacity of Bio lynx is phenomenal, almost 9560 finger templates can be stored in it and 5,00,000 records too. It is extremely versatile and can be used in any sort of a set up and helps you in increasing the productivity of your workforce. It helps them to stay diligent to the work hours which in turn lead to optimum use of resources.

Industrial Devices: Industrial Model is another state of the art device by Star Link that help in maintaining attendance records of the employee in Industries. They are used by big set ups with a much larger no. of employees. The Industrial Model comes in heavy metallic body which can withstand dusty and harsh environments.


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