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Tea Garden Solution

Tea Garden Solution: An Effective Step Towards Workforce Management At Tea Gardens

The workforce at Tea Gardens should be managed effectively. Several tea garden businesses bear huge losses due to some unrighteous activities and loopholes present in the industry. According to the business corporates data, the Benefits of Tea Garden Solution are efficient and useful for the tea industry.

However, keeping in mind these discrepancies a home-grown manufacturer has designed software, namely, Tea Garden Solution to tackle them all.

The Tea Garden Solution monitors numerous activities in a tea garden. It provides a set of tools that allow many companies to increase efficiency as well as the productivity of the tea-plucking staff.

Benefits Of Tea Garden Solutions

The tea garden solution is implemented with a biometric attendance system so that it can provide accurate output every time and maintain transparency amongst the plucking staff. There are numerous benefits of tea garden solution, it is unique, creative, and at the same time technically advanced software.

No Manual Record maintenance

Effaces the old-fashioned way of recording: the attendance of tea-plucking staff; the weight of tea leaves plucked, and other data.

Categorization of workers based on work

Tea Garden Solution enables categorizing the worker based on the time they spend plucking leaves, and the weight of the leaves collected.

Multiple reports generation

This software helps in generating multiple reports associated with the tea-plucking staff members.

No chance of Manipulation or Cheating

Workers can’t manipulate their reporting time or with the weighting of the tea leaves they plucked.

Accuracy in Measuring Plucked Leaves

Since every transaction will be through a biometric machine, measuring the weight of the plucked leaves will be free of any discrepancies. Tea Garden Solution provides you with measurement accuracy.

Saves Paper, Environment, & Time

Tea Garden solution works in amalgamation with biometric attendance devices that are designed with the latest technology. All data reports are transferred via IoT (Internet of Things), hence it contributes to saving paper, the environment, and time.

The Tea Garden solution is software that can be accompanied by a biometric attendance machine. It is modified and developed, keeping in mind all the problems that occur in the tea gardens. This solution will help to manage the workforce and streamline the process.

Moreover, this helped to keep track of each tea-plucking staff member by maintaining geo-fencing. It helps in keeping the weighing record of tea leaves plucked by workers in due time.

A homegrown manufacturer with its team is working restlessly towards the goal of delivering its customers the best solutions possible. Unlike non-native companies that don’t stop at selling, they are committed to providing their customers with 24×7 after-sales support.

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