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7 Signs that your Organization Needs Biometric Attendance System

7 Signs that your Organization Needs Biometric Attendance System

Attendance represents the number of people present in a company or an office. Before the biometric era, organizations would mark the employees’ in-and-out timings in an attendance register, following by their arrival and departure timings and signatures.

And what Biometric Attendance Machine does is, saves an employee’s details such as employee’s name, employee-id, designation, etc. With the help of the Biometric Security System, the employee’s data can be saved into a database following by their fingerprints/finger-templates, or they can use biometrics fused with face recognition technology saving their employees data following by their face-prints.

Let’s skim through those 7 grounds that necessitate a company to use the biometric attendance system:


1. Time Saver

Time plays an important role in all spheres of life, so is in the organization, companies, school etc. The old-fashioned way of attendance recording was time-consuming for all employees; from writing, names to put their signatures on an attendance register, which resulted in frustration amongst employees. On the contrary, a technologically advanced biometric attendance machine takes less than a few seconds to mark the attendance of an employee with just a touch of a finger.


2. Authenticity

There was a time when employees could mark attendance on each other’s behalf and would get paid for the time they did not work. The biometric attendance system, on the other hand, eradicates this mischievous practice by individuals. It maintains authenticity and transparency in an organization.


3. Remuneration Management

Unlike the pen-to-register way of attendance recording, Biometric Attendance Software help companies to calculate employees’ remuneration with ease, and it effaces any discrepancies that occur during the process of remuneration management.


4. Report Generation

Companies could not keep track of employees’ activities before the biometric era, because employees could take multiple breaks, and they would still get away with it. But the Biometric attendance system is hard to fool. It comes quite handy in notifying authorities via IoT and generating reports in case employees move out or take unnecessary breaks.


5. Administrative Access

The attendance management systems vary from fingerprint-based to Facial recognition. They provide access to the administrative rights and other functions to the companies; adding and removing employees details.


6. Connectivity

These biometric devices are connected with the server machine where you can access and generate the reports based on weeks, months, and yearly progress. All data are cloud storage that is not modified or accessed by anyone.


7. Security Alerts

Without a strong access control system, an unknown or unauthorized individual can enter a company’s premises. The attendance management system can be connected with an access control system, to send frequent alerts to the surveillance team or authorities via IoT.


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