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Biometric Security in Airports

Fastlane Facilitation Will Drive Biometric Adoption at Airports.

Biometric technology is continuously providing security solutions for different sectors. By using biometrics, users can now experience better security without thorough checks and stops. Biometric security can be employed at any place as an access control system. Whether its hospitality sector, security sector or aviation, biometric security adds up to the current measures and make the process faster.

Keeping that in mind, biometric eGates and Kiosk are installed in various places to set biometric facilitation as a standard practice. The biometric access control system provides users with much-needed convenience during Fastlane facilitation without compromising with any security measure in the process.

The complete process from entering the airport to boarding a flight goes through multiple security checks. With Fastlane facilitation increasing, the customers are more likely to get used to and enjoy the preference for the convenience of the experience. With this, there will be more demand for Fastlane biometric solutions in travel, hospitality and event management sectors. Fastlane biometrics solutions can very well be the next big thing to enhance the security in travel, hospitality, and many other business sectors.

As per the reports, at present, the Fastlane biometrics units are deployed as Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates and Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosks. This is seen as the future of security protocols for facilitation and will be implemented all over to make a better and more convenient airport passenger processing ecosystem.

Experts are considering the year 2019 to be the tipping point for airport biometric facilitation with improved customer acceptance. With continuously increasing customer acceptance and operator commitment, it is expected that Fastlane Biometric solutions will yield a revenue of 1.3 billion by 2022. As these security protocols expand beyond immigration eGates and Kiosk, we will get to see more Fastlane Biometric touchpoints in different places. More user acceptance will create significant demands for Fastlane Biometric in different business sectors. So it’s not much before this becomes a mainstream security protocol across different sectors for good.


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