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Different Modules Available in Savvy HRMS by Starlink

A Savvy HRMS is a need which that cant be avoided by any organization in the current scenario. All the companies spend a lot of money on an effective HRMS which can keep a complete track of employee activities and finance from the point of their appointment to their last working day.

Savvy HRMS by Starlink India comes with over 20 modules which help the employer to manage all the aspects of the employee activities. From biometric attendance system to time management system and from training management to asset tracking, there are many other features and modules to support your system and increase the productivity. Here is a list of all the features which makes this Savvy HRMS by Starlink one of the best in business.


  1. Rich Configuration
  2. Dynamic Process
  3. Hire To Retire Process
  4. Policy Base Leave Management
  5. Role-Based Dashboard
  6. Self Service
  7. Manager Service
  8. HR Service
  9. Online Survey
  10. Email and SMS alert
  11. Succession Planning
  12. Interactive Interface
  13. Effective HR Policy
  14. Customization Possible
  15. Data Portability
  16. Access on the Go
  17. Mobile Application

As we stated earlier there are many different specific modules in this HR management software to make employee management easy for the employer. Starlink’s HR Management Software comes with one of the best payroll systems which help to keep track of the finances easier than ever. Here is a list of modules present in the Starlink’s Savvy HRMS:


  1. Document Management
  2. Conference Room Booking
  3. Survey Tool
  4. OnBoarding Management
  5. Separation Management
  6. Training Management
  7. Performance Management
  8. Manager Services
  9. Asset Management
  10. Helpdesk Management
  11. Recruitment Management
  12. Statutory Compliance
  13. Payroll Management
  14. Tax Management
  15. Loan Management
  16. Task Management
  17. Reimbursement Management
  18. Travel & Expense Management
  19. Attendance & Leave Management
  20. Shift and Roster management
    1. Punch/Attendance Regularization
    2. On Duty Request
    3. Leave Request
    4. Compensatory Off
    5. Over Time
  21. Employee Self Service
  22. HR Services

With specific modules as mentioned above and a very user-friendly interface, Starlink’s Savvy HR Management Software is an effective integration of the best payroll system, finance management, and employee activity management. So if your organization is looking for an HRMS with every feature in the book then Starlink’s Savvy HRMS will be perfect.


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