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Cloud-Computing based Biometrics

Cloud-Computing based Biometrics

Cloud computing is an emerging technology that enables you to get on-demand and convenient access to shared configurable computing resources, such as storage, network, servers, and applications.


What is Cloud Computing Based Biometrics?

Cloud based biometric devices use an image of uniquely human traits such as fingerprints to authenticate and grant access to users.

At the time of registration, employers are required to upload multiple biometric fingerprints of all the employees, which are then stored as templates at the cloud’s server.

The best part about cloud computing-based biometrics is that it encrypts both the fingerprint templates and the images that the user provides each time to gain access. More and more companies are migrating their biometric security system to cloud platforms as it offers lots of features, including:


1. Sufficient Amount of Storage:

Lots of biometric attendance software are multimodal which means they can combine fingerprint, card, iris, and face. These types of systems generate lots of data. As your business grows, you will need to invest in storage, which can be expensive. Cloud offers an ample amount of space.

2. Appropriate Scalability:

Cloud-based systems are highly scalable. You can increase the space, access control applications, and mobile applications, and change the modularity as per your organizational needs.

3. Enhanced Security:

As mentioned above, cloud-based biometric security systems encrypt both the templates and the images provided by the user. Also, security in cloud computing is progressively gaining which means the system will get much more secure in the coming days.

4. Cost-Effective:

With cloud computing-based biometric attendance software, you won’t need to invest in costly hardware, applications, or even infrastructure for that matter. In another way, it helps you to save money so that you won’t need an in-house team to manage the system.

5. Easily manage attendance:

Companies with 24-hour work policies struggle to manage employee attendance effectively. Cloud computing-based systems allow you to automate the attendance operation as per your requirement.

6. Generate Reports:

Attendance reports can help you in accurate salary calculation, employee movement monitoring, and gathering other work-related information.

7. Manage Leaves:

Leave management is yet another hectic task in every organization. With cloud-based biometric systems, you can easily manage leaves by setting custom rules (such as auto leave approval, leave balance calculation, and more)

Star Link India is the leading manufacturer of biometric devices. We provide a comprehensive, accurate, and affordable biometrics solution to businesses. No matter the size of your organization, we have a solution for you.

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