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Canteen Management System Features

What Are The Main Features Of A Canteen Management System?

The canteen management system (CMS) is a unique and modern solution connected to software and builds automation practices around the canteen/company’s canteen. This helps to maintain employees report inside the canteen about the food menu, daily & Monthly consumption of food, employees order extra food, etc. 

As we know, many organizations provide canteen facilities to their employees to serve their food services. So, the Canteen Management Software helps to build transparency between the company, vendor, and employees as well as keeps a track of the number of meals taken by the employees.

Canteen Management System Features

CMS gives flexibility to the employer to select features according to the policy of the company.

Fix Menu (Quantity and Item fix in each time zone)

In this set-up, both quantity and the number of items are fixed as per the company’s policy. For example, if it’s lunchtime, the employee will get a fixed slip of 1 plate lunch. It varies as per the company’s requirements. Moreover, the Two-One menu is fixed and the other is selectable i.e.

Fix Quantity- In this, the number of items is fixed but the choice of the item can be decided by the employee.

Fix Item – The list of items would be fixed. This will be as per the rules of the company.

But quantity can be selected by the employee.

ITEM Zone – CMS can limit the access of the menu with a predefined item slot table

Meal Gap – In this, you can set the time between meals. For example, if an employee has breakfast at 10 am, the employee will be able to take the next meal at 1 pm. They shall not be able to take it before the stipulated time (ONLY AVAILABLE WITH SMART CARD M/C OR if using a single machine). 

Daily Limit – In this, you can set the daily consumption limit of the employee. Like 1, 2, or 3 times a day.

Monthly Limit – As per the company policy, you can set the employee’s monthly limit in this. For example, an employee has 60 times the monthly limit. If the employee exceeds his limit before the stipulated time will not be able to access the facility. 

Counter display on the machine (daily or time zone based)

Here the total food count will be run in the machine. You can see the daily and time-wise consumption. Accordingly, you set on the machine. 

Printout Coupon (Number of prints of each copy can be defined)

The printed coupon acts as a record for the vendor whereas the input data acts as a record for the admin.

Reports were given by Software (Get verified from the software team)

  • Informative Report based on menus
  •  Consumption Report Daily and Monthly

You can monitor the daily & Monthly consumption of food reports with the help of a biometric access control system. Sometimes incorporating a dining facility some employees order extra food that they don’t eat and throw away. So, canteen management has made it easier for canteens to tackle this problem to generate extra consumption of food other than meal time-based food.

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The Canteen Management Software is designed to help you overcome a variety of challenges encountered in running a canteen. CMS solutions help in reducing food wastage, Lucidity between vendors and employees, fast and accurate operations, and other issues. Read more about Labour management system software. 

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