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Biometrics with Barriers

Biometrics with Barriers

Tripod turnstile, flap and boom barrier used for first step security at offices when assembled with biometrics access control setups can assist with on-spot safety, prohibiting unnecessary interference.


Barriers: Outlaw Unauthorized Entries

We can easily find tripod turnstile and flap barriers at most of the social places which meets numerous visitors daily. Tripod turnstiles also called baffle gates allow entry of a single person at a time and will get open when shown a smart card, token, pass, or similar.

However, a tripod turnstile can be a mechanical gate made of steel or a tri-shaped steel arm frame that rotates as per the entry of visitors through it. Not only in public places but corporate buildings, offices & departments use tripod turnstiles to secure the area.

Boom barriers are majorly used at the entry gates of factories, plants, warehouses, and other big setups so that no commercial or private vehicle can enter the area without permission.

Biometrics with Access Control

Turnstile tripod and flap barriers when equipped with a biometric access control machine can strictly monitor the entries in an office reserved only for office employees through it.

Not only entries but it can also help in notifying about an employee and its presence in the office as attendance can be marked through the same system as well.

The biometric attendance machine can also act as an access control machine with these safety barriers which in turn can solve the attendance issue on the entry gate as well ensure complete knock out of UN-authorized access in a building.

Access barriers have 2 sensors

Access barriers have 2 sensors on both ends along with a biometric devices machine on one end and a finger/card scanner on another. When an employee reaches near the barrier, sensor no. 1 gets active.

On punching a finger/smart card on the machine, it firstly checks in its biometric database if it is a valid or invalid entry and then sends the signals to the main control board inside the access barrier which is also known as the main working head.

Moreover, it sends the signals to the controller and then to the motor inside an access barrier, which further sends the signal to the output and the barrier gets open.

Similarly, when a visitor passes through sensor no. 2, it sends the signal to the motor and the barrier gets closed.

2 switches and a 4-pin connector inside a barrier are connected to a common output which is responsible for entries from the left and right sides of an access barrier.

Idealizing Complete Surveillance

Not only flap barriers and tripod turnstiles but boom barriers and main gate turnstiles can also check the entry of vehicles giving complete information about any movement inside out. To understand it better, a comparison chart will be more beneficial:

Area of application  Office entry area Parking /outside office area Office or department entry area Main gate entry of the factory
Safety grade High Moderate High Very high
Usability High Moderate High Moderate
Operational mode (finger/card/face) Finger/card/face Finger/card/face Finger/card/face Finger/card/face
Maintenance Frequent Periodic Frequent Periodic
Visitor entry per minute 40-45 10-15 30-35 08-10

Comparison chart

Value-Added Services

This data can further be used for many other value-added services like:

•  Roaster preparation
•  Data synchronization on a daily basis
•  Leaves, late punch-ins, and early punch outs
•  Manpower allocation
•  Notifications to the departments in regards to employee’s attendance

Access control barriers with biometric access control machines have turned the safety parameters to a professional level which results in zero security breaches and theft at offices and workplaces.

Also, making the administration and the management completely aware of the employee’s in and outs along with the day’s first punch in and last punch out which will constitute their attendance.

Biometric door access control systems with barriers promise firm security and maintained attendance records giving the administration and the Human resource department a pleasant experience in salary processing and security management.

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