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Biometric Attendance Software, A Web Based Software

Biometric Attendance Software – A Web Based Software

Biometric Technology has changed the way of the life. It is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the era and now it has become an important part of our life.

The list of the benefits of the biometric machine is uncountable and hence it has gained the most popularity in the market. It plays a very vital role in the time management of the employees. It recognizes people by their unique physiological characteristics and it is highly secured.

The theft of time by the employees is one of the major for the business communities but Biometric attendance software eliminates this theft and helps in the growth of the business. Punching on the behalf of a co-worker is very common in companies and as we know that biometric characteristics cannot be duplicated, it prevents doing so.

It has some other advantages also like the traditional system of attendance requires a lot of time and needs perfect maintenance of the records whereas the biometric attendance system saves the employees time and decreases staffing overhead and provides accurate labor data to the payroll system to manage the system effectively.

It also helps in increasing productivity and maintains transparency between the employees and the company. There are various types of biometric attendance machines that work differently but all are very secure.


Fingerprint-Based Biometric Attendance System

Fingerprint based biometric attendance system is the most used attendance system because of its convenient and user-friendly software. Fingerprints are a unique characteristic of the person and it does not change in one’s entire lifetime hence they are highly secure.

Enrolment and authentication are the two processes of this fingerprint-based attendance system. In the process of enrollment, it captures the fingerprint of the user and stores the identity as a template, and during authentication; the fingerprint of the user is captured again and compared with the template. It has an accuracy level of 97.4%.


Card-Based Biometric Attendance System

The other type of biometric attendance machine is card based. A Card based biometric attendance system keeps the attendance records up to date by recording an employee’s all sequence of time. It is very beneficial for business growth and it is a time-consuming process with user-friendly software.

The users have to swipe their card in the machine and it records the time and makes it easy to maintain the attendance for the managers as well as Savvy HRMS personnel. It is much more secure than the manual attendance system.

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