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Bio Link 09 – Best Access Control System for Small Set-ups

Steve Jobs had well said that “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people”. So, if you are a future-visionary businessman, with an eye for success, you know you would require a team that could take your idea further comprehensively. If you already have a team or are in the process of developing one, you require ‘managing it well’ help as well. This is a simple, but the major business requirement and we, star link India are here to help you manage it the best way possible. Bio link 09 is a biometric access control system that is the best-suited solution available in the market for small companies and business-setups. It helps you manage your team consistently, diligently and efficiently day-after-day and year-after-year.


How does it work?

Your employees would be required to submit their daily attendance records in a fingerprint biometric-enabled system, make it proxy-proof and corruption-proof. They would be confirmed their record stored within a second with the beep sound. Similar would be the case for exit timings. These records created are looped in formats, such that the data can be accessed in any form you may require. For example, you could access a single employee record for salary calculation or a department record for efficiency and loopholes. Moreover, due to its technology-based structure, Bio-link makes all the records easily accessible from anywhere using an internet connection. In short, it is your new HR assistant, bought at a fraction of the salary of one and who shall not back-stab you at any cost.


Its other Technical Details include:

  • It enables storing of more than 600 finger templates at a time, enough to accommodate all employees of a small or medium-sized business.
  • A graphic LCD display shows time and input details with clear red/green access allowance or rejection indicators.
  • It has a user capacity of 100.
  • The records can be readily accessed and transferred using a TCP/IP (internet) or USB (pen-drive) port.
  • Voice-guided messages in English/ Hindi may be customized as indicators as well.
  • It has a state-of-art 32 bit RISC MCU@70 MHz processor supported by a 512MB SD Memory card.
  • It includes a light 500grams attendance machine, operating with a 12V DC voltage and 1A current.


BIO-LINK 09 allows access using finger-print or card modes only. They can be combined to further customize the system. We at Starlink India understand your business’s ardent need to keep tabs on your employees. We thus offer best of the industry biometric attendance solution, developed on the latest technology platforms, supported by superior standard hardware. We personalize them as per your unique requirements. Once-purchased, we become your friends, available round-the-clock with our impeccable after-sales services. Our prompt deliveries and pocket-friendly prices ensure that our customers always are provided with the care, they so deserve.

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