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Adoption of Biometrics in Financial Services

The frequency of data breaches is increasing year after year. In 2017 itself, there were more than 5000 data breaches with over 7.8 billion records compromised. The hackers are being one step ahead of the law for a long time and they always come up with ways to get into the system. The passwords and current security measures aren’t working. When it comes to financial market, security is the most important feature.

Banks far and wide are progressively picking biometric authentication to verify clients getting to their administrations. This pattern isn’t constrained to banks; different financials outfits are additionally taking up biometric verification to distinguish clients and defend assets. Expanding instances of money related extortion, wholesale fraud, and dangers from the internet have made banks to rebuild their character practices and biometrics in managing an account and budgetary administrations offers the arrangement. Most saving money clients are technically knowledgeable these days and expect a contactless access to managing account benefits yet secret word based character arrangement fizzles stay aware of desires, be that as it may, with biometrics in saving money, things are by all accounts evolving now.

Biometric Authentic is a very resourceful and effective way to keep our data safe. There are many different kinds of frauds and attack which can affect the financial sector all year long. Biometric Access Machines are used to keep all the data in check and keep it secure from the attacks. Different biometric modalities are required for different stages and different processes.

The three main problems which can be resolved with the use of Biometric Access Control System are as follows:

  • Fraud Reduction
  •  Convenient Authentication
  •  Secure Mobile Payments

As we have stated earlier, with the constant growth in technology, passwords, PINs, tokens are now very much vulnerable to the attacks from outside. Passwords can’t really prove who you are and they can be breached and cracked with the latest software. Fingerprint Attendance Machines are used in offices to mark the time period for the employee’s work periods.

All these devices are very important to provide an additional layer of security to the system. Starlink India is one of the finest manufacturers of Biometric Security systems and they provide customized security protocols and devices for an airtight security.


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