Star Link’s Biometric Attendance and Access Control Systems

Star Link India is an expert when it comes to manufacturing and installing biometric products. Every Star Link product is developed in accordance with India’s working environment. These products are used to give only authorized people access in premises, with which each movement can be accessed easily. It makes a work place more secure. The devices have modern technology features like smart card, RFID cards, finger print and more.

Today biometric authentication has become very useful for intelligent biometric attendance and access control systems. For security purposes, such devices produce better results than any other system. They are used in corporate offices, industries, production lines, schools, shops, garages and more. These devices have wide range of applications like access control, door controller, finger print readers, visitor management and face recognition systems. Biometric attendance systems help to make the track record of each employee with all details. The attendance software of Star Link India can be integrated with Star Link devices to provide monthly/daily report helping in salary processing. Also, the attendance system can be linked with payroll software for easy working. The reports are generated in .xls, .doc and .txt file that helps to manage easily, with less consumption of time and manpower. It also allows you to make various settings depending on your requirements. Not only it helps to bring transparency in the system but also increases the productivity and efficiency.

It has many advantages over conventional time tracking process used at many organizations. It reduces the human error, increases efficiency, reduces administrative cost and manages everything with a simple click of mouse. The biggest advantage of biometric attendance system is that, it is more secure than any other attendance system. Being cost effective, it can be implemented in any kind of work place with any size.

Star Link India designs and manufactures its own biometric devices and solutions to fulfill the requirement of clients. The devices are designed according to the latest technological trend to move collaterally in industry. Further more, the price of Star Link devices is very reasonable and low in comparison to other devices in the market.

So, in a nut shell, if you are looking for any attendance management system, go for Star Link’s attendance system for cost-effective and latest technology based devices.


Access Control System

The security is the main reason to worry in growing company and industries, while managing the employees is also some of the major problem that can be kept in mind. To control, all these worries with a single solution will a boon for any set-up of any size. Access Control System helps to bound the entry and movement of authorized individuals in the company premises.

As it’s name suggest, access control is actually, the software integrated with system to gain full control over the authorized movement at any place where it is to be used. It uses various mechanical components like door barrier, electronic locks and Boom barriers. These mechanical components restrict access to people whose identity cannot be confirmed by a smart card, RFID card or other biometrics.

Access Control System uses a complexity and ease of use which involves biometrics to gain access. It helps to restrict unwanted and unauthorized movements in the premises. It is really going to save a lot of costing with manpower. Actually, it involves three main mechanism, controller, locks and the device that enables and disables the lock. The controller is a device made and designed by Star Link which is programmed with software from a computer that manages the system. But the more detailed the options, the more expensive the system. So, it is completely dependent on your requirement.

Then, the locks are controlled through central control system that enables and disables it. The two different kind of locks used by Star Link systems are electric and magnetic. But magnetic locks are chosen over electric locks, as it is convenient in installation and is more powerful even in case of power-cut.

Star Link with its state-of-art proved to be leader in designing and developing the access control solutions. Keeping in mind every minute details regarding the security and other reasons. So whatever business you are in and wherever you are thinking to install these systems either at entrance or exit, make sure the solution must fulfill your all requirements. Understanding your security risks will largely determine the type of system you are deciding to implement it. Star Link also provides a customizable solution according to your requirement.



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