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Time Office Software

Software to manage your employees effectively and efficiently. Punctuality of every employee in your company is maintained in records. 100 type of Reports are generated like: In time, Out time, OT etc.

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Payroll Software System

Do payroll processing in just few clicks, anytime, anywhere. Attendance records and Salary Structure Management as per company's policy. Mulitple Report generation in different format.

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Leave Management System

Now taking leave will be easier with this system. Allows you to post your leave, while on the go!. Mulitple Leaves according to the company policy. Holidays & Attendance Records can also be browsed.

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    Dimension 182 X 155 X 45
    5 Lacs Recording Capacity
    Remote Device Management


    Dimension (in mm) 183 X 131 X 58
    Capacity of 65,000 records
    Access Control Ready


    Dimension – 21cm x 14cm x 5cm
    Card Enrollment 15000 Records
    2MB Flash with data storage of 62500 Records


    Dimension (in mm)– 182 x 155 x 45
    Recording capacity of 5 lacs Records
    Keypad: 16 Key (4×4)


    Dimension (in mm) 183 X 131 X 58
    65,000 Recording Capacity
    Heavy Duty Metallic Body

    BIO LINK 09

    Dimension (in mm) 182 X 155 X 45
    Keypad 16 Key (4×4)
    User Capacity: upto 600


    Dimension 7.7×11.5 cm
    RS 485 Interface
    Smart Card Slave Reader


    Dimension (in mm) 80 X 193 X 53
    2 GB SD card For Unlimited Data
    Access Control Ready





    Next Generation of Security Systems: Integration of Access Control & CCTV

    Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) is the next level of security system integrating the Access Control deployed in the office premises with the CCTV and Video Surveillance System. The need of highly secure systems is rising day by day due to increased vulnerability of the existing systems. With the advent of modern technologies the systems are getting complex and more prone to insecurity. So, the Real-Time confirmation of the Access Control Status with Visual Monitoring Guarantees High Level of Security with Low Installation Cost. The prime vision of ISMS is to monitor the various systems integrated with each other with the accumulated data. The data received can further be used by the security personnel to use it for efficient running of security systems and other allied functions. Benefits of Integrated Security Management System The benefits of correlating data from intrusion alarms, video surveillance, card access, visitor management, asset tracking and other systems is to share data and intelligence across an existing network infrastructure. There is huge possibility to provide a uniform, user-friendly and powerful single-site solution that is able to extend to multi-site management. With an integrated CCTV and Access Control video clips from any camera on the network can easily and quickly be recalled through the software based on the time or event. Security managers can have complete control of cameras, including its pan, tilt and zoom functions and can verify live users with stored images using the video verification option manually or automatically using a Face Recognition System. Users can be alerted to view live video or easily retrieve video playback of access and intrusion events directly from the access control management software. Even the online and off-line status of the camera motion detection events and video loss can also be available. Integration with Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, would enable the doors to be opened automatically for the safe exit of humans from the affected area, while popping up the images automatically on the CCTV screens for verification, remedial action and recording. It is also possible to integrate other systems such as HVAC and Building Management, HR Systems, etc. so that all information is available in real time and forming a basis to take management decisions that are based on live data. Operational/Functional perspective of ISMS The ISMS provide a means to control access through nominated doors having Turnstiles and Electric Locking door status monitoring and card or biometric access control readers. Access rights associated with a presented access card or biometric identifier shall be checked for validity based on the card or identifier, access time, access area, and any other access management function defined in this specification, as stored in intelligent field controllers. Access shall be granted or denied depending on the access privilege. The ISMS provides a fully functional intruder alarm system for sensitive areas including entry and exit delays where intruder detection sensors are connected to system inputs. The Intruder Alarm System component shall be fully integrated with the Access Control aspects of the system. It shall be possible to set (secure) or unset (insecure) areas from any access control reader associated with an area, access control reader with keypad, Alarms Management Terminal, or as required for defined central control locations. The ISMS provide a Window based User Interface with Site Plans and interactive icons representing the location and real-time status of Alarm Monitoring equipment and Access Control. In case of any negative instance a signal is sent to the CCTV, allowing it to focus on the event unless it is not cleared. In the meanwhile, an alarm is sent to the concerned person of concerned department which looks after the event immediately. The degree of event can be defined by the user and depending on that the alarming notification is sent and also proper action is taken. This integrated system looks more favourable in the aspect of physical security, leaving lowest possibility of any loophole. Breaking the chain of security in the whole system is quite difficult and it can be traced within a single glimpse. The security experts acclaims it to be the safest security management system in the coming time and also rely on it for physical security.

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    Biometric From Its Past History

    With the increase in population, the chance of crime also increases. So, personal identification and authentication has become one of the major security issues these days. Over the years, Biometric Technology has grown steadily in the field of security check. As computer industry has evolved from big mainframe computers to tablets, similarly biometric devices has also evolved from large devices to smaller devices which are portable and easy to use such as pocket- sized Biometric tokens, same size as one time password tokens that can be easily plugged into the USB port. Initially password was only way of identification but now the times have changed. Fingerprint scanning has replaced one time passwords as they are more secure and authentic. Soon Biometrics is going to become a common feature on mobile phones. A. In the term Biometric, “bio” signifies life and “metric” means to measure. In the ancient time, humans used to identify each other through their faces, voice etc. B. In 1858, Sir William Herschel recorded hand images to identify the workers. This was the first recorded hand and finger images for unique identification. C. Alphonse Bertillon a French criminologist developed a system for the identification of body parts like head and face. In 1879, called Bertillon system for criminal investigation. D. In 1890’s, Sir Henry gave new classification that made use of all the ten fingers called tenprint fingerprint scanning. E. In 1900’s the Bertillon system fail because it was not possible to distinguish between twin brother or sister through fingerprint scanning. F. In 1930’s- 1970’s, Frank Burch proposed the concept of iris pattern recognition. After that semi- automated face recognition system was introduced that used to locate eyes, nose, ears in the photograph. G. 1970’s- 1980’s, NIST developed NIST speech group to encourage and study the use of speech detecting techniques. H. 1980’s- 2000’s, first commercial iris prototype becomes available and after in 1996 hand geometry occurred to be implemented for the first time in Atlanta Olympic Games. To be continued…….

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    Bye-Bye to Pesky Passwords, Say Hello to Windows 10

    It's a time to say bye-bye to annoying passwords with Windows 10. Passwords we use these days are inconvenient and insecure and are hackable at the same time. Microsoft has taken a significant step ahead in the area of security authentication. The company recently launched Windows 10 anniversary update Windows Hello, where Microsoft stated that this new Windows only requires fingerprint or eye retina (which is called to be the strongest security form ) to open PC's and Microsoft account's, instead of using those long and pesky passwords. In this new version of Windows 10, Microsoft has focused on tougher security measures and a promise to give prominent updates each year. Windows Hello is a solution to all problems related to Computer Security. What is Windows Hello? Windows hello is a biometric security system inbuilt into Windows 10. Windows Hello is a personal computing feature of windows 10. It provides quick access to your operating system. With the help of this feature you just need to show your face or touch your finger on the sensor of your system. This method is far more convenient than typing those traditional, long and annoying passwords. There are anti-spoofing capabilities build in this excellent feature that means no one can use your picture to log into your system. How Biometric Authentication system works? By using face, iris or fingerprint to unlock system is much safer than pesky passwords. To access Windows Hello, your device must have fingerprint reader. To give accurate verification during the facial and Iris detection, it uses a combination of unique hardware and software. For the face or iris detection, new Windows 10 PCs will be working with Intel's RealScan 3D camera, an infrared camera that will be able to scan your face or iris. Infrared technology is used by cameras to identify right person's face or iris. The infrared technology makes it more reliable in any lighting conditions, with cosmetic and facial hairs, which allows giving facial recognition. The second part of this security system is Microsoft passport. To use Microsoft Passport, it requires verification of windows Hello. After verification, Microsoft passport will be unlocked and allows you to access instantly to online sites and services that need your Microsoft authentication. Passport eliminates the requirement of saving passwords of online sites again and again. This attempt of Microsoft has shown the world how they are changing in making one of the first growers and proselytisers of biometric security. This step of the company is a new milestone in the area of web security. Starlink India, a manufacturer of biometric attendance systems, is also doing magnificent work in the security sector. Star link provides biometric solutions according to the requirements of clients.

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