Time Office Software

Software to manage your employees effectively and efficiently. Control the puntuality of every employe in your company. Reports generated like: Working Times, Absences, Attendance and more.


Payroll Software System

Do payroll processing in just few clicks, wherever whenever. Attendance records and Salary Structure Management as per company's policy. Mulitple Reports generation in different format.


Leave Management System

Now taking leave will be easier with this system. Allows you to post leaves; wherever, whenever. Mulitple Leaves accoring to the company policy. Holidays & Attendance Records can also be browsed.


Bio Lynux

A state-of-the-art technology packed with latest and updated features. Wi-Fi, GPRS, GPS enabled attendance device with mulitple operational modes. Perfect for attendance purpose in any condition.


Bio Track

A handheld, compact and touchscreen model of attendance system, incorporated with latest technologies like Wi-Fi, GPRS and GPS. Perfect for remote location worforce management.


Industrial Model

Especially designed for Industrial Environment. Heavy duty attendance machine with metallic body, comes with 48 hours battery back-up and peizo buzzer and LED (Green and Light).


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Global Positioning System (GPS) for Mobile Workforce Management

When it comes to adopting new technologies into workforce management and automated tracking, Star Link proves itself to be a pioneer leader. Incorporating every latest technology into their devices to serve in a much better way. The picture is changing very fast as the technology is growing rapidly.

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Importance of An Automated Payroll Management System

Automated payroll management systems are emerging as an essential part of salary calculation for organisations of all sizes. These systems not only effectivize and expedite the process of salary calculation, but these also ensure that the salary calculated is accurate.

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Time Office Software - Essential For Effective HR Practices

Accurate maintenance of records and tracking attendance of every employee is an integral part of decision making in any organization. Gone are the days when registers were used to maintain the sign in and sign out of the employees. Those conventional methods were much more hectic and time consuming. It also allowed manipulation of data and inaccuracy.

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