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Track Your Employee Holidays With Time Attendance Software

Time and attendance software is an easy way to keep a track of the employee’s attendance. In a very simple term, it is defined as the business application required by the companies to track and optimize the hours spent by the employees in an organization. This helps in keeping a record of salaries paid and wages. Working as a tool, this software is designed to maximize the cash flow while reducing the wastage. Apart from this, it is also best for maintaining, generating and archiving tax information.

The Star Link is offering an innovatively designed time tracking software to the clients to maintain the work flown in their organization.


There are endless features or you can say the benefits that define the real role of Time and Attendance software.

    • Tracking wages paid.
    • Tracking the employee hours.
    • Fulfilling the government regulations.
    • Automatic payroll processes.
    • Gives guarantee that employees get an appropriate compensation and allowances for doing the overtime.
    • Reducing down the human errors.
    • Well integrated with financial analytics, business intelligence, and human resource management system.

Try out the next generation Time and Attendance software


The Benefits of Attendance management system offered by Starlink:

    1. Simplify the time tracking process
      Considered as the next generation software, it is definitely featured with the simple user interface. This, in turn, is used for providing the insight helping in managing the company’s time attendance data.
    2. Start saving your money from today
      How? It is very simple. The software is used for controlling the labour cost. As per a research, the companies who do not have the Employee time tracking software end to pay 1.55 to 10% more of gross payroll. The reason behind this is an error-driven calculation, time theft and applying overtime because of not counting the hours of working properly.
    3. Abolish employee time stealing
      Even the 5 minutes late per employee can results in a big loss. That’s why it is to find the solution. The Biometrics Attendance Software offered by Star Link is best one for reducing the time theft and restricting the schedules.
    4. Going for powerful reporting and analytics
      With the attendance software, you can get the complete visibility that helps in taking the real-time decision. Overall, it is needed to convert the data into actionable and valuable information. Due to the easy and immediate access, the managers can manage the business needs and gain the profit for their company.


Time attendance system is the powerful way of improving the employee productivity and provides the access to the users anytime and anywhere needed.

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