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Aadhaar-Based Biometric Authentication For E-Payment

The Government wants to use the Aadhaar database to offer shape to an advanced future and use it for instalments, and verification of exchanges is the way to its security. While Unified Payments Interface and BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) are formed for shared exchanges utilizing cell phones, the service is advancing Aadhaar-empowered instalment and transition for the non-cell phone.

Aadhaar Payments Bridge (APB) – A system is a consistent change of all welfare and payment to recipient beneficiary Aadhaar Enabled Bank Account (AEBA).
Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) – A system that uses Aadhaar online confirmation and operates AEBAs to be worked in whenever anyplace managing an account mode by the underestimated financial prohibited portions of society through micro ATMs.


Aadhaar Payment Bridge

APB is a storehouse of Aadhaar card holders and their essential financial balance number utilized for accepting all standardized savings and privilege payments from different government offices.

It requires utilizing the Aadhaar number as the essential key for all privilege instalments. This would get rid of everything being equal and phantoms from the framework and guarantee that the advantages achieve the planned recipients. The advantage has a significantly has more worthy consequence as more government managed savings programs are moving from in-kind to in money subsidies.


Aadhaar E-Payment System

  • Aadhaar e payment has to address the two issues and has the observation for the financial inclusion
  • This Technology has provided the banks with a freedom to go to the customer where they are present instead of going another way around.
  • Allows bank to interact and adopt the best system for the customer.
    AEPS engages the minimized and avoided portions to lead money related exchanges (Credit, Debit, deposit, Balance Enquiry, and so on) through micro ATMs sent by Banks in their towns.


Biometric Aadhaar Attendance System

These types of payment are being advanced by the administration particularly for the underprivileged areas of society and the provincial poor who are not open to utilizing cards or versatile wallets for payments. Instead of a cell phone or a plastic card, in these types of instalments, the method of confirmation turns into the Aadhaar card and biometrics.

Other than payments, Aadhaar card is also used for biometric attendance system various government industries are using the attendance system. The administration has provided the solution of a smart card or with their individual Aadhaar card put away in it. They were just required to tap their card against the user and further validate their character through the unique finger impression scanner. The validation would be checked against the information in the server, after which their participation will be stamped. This coordinated arrangement helped the legislature have instructive organizations gather precise participation information of understudies.


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