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5G Is Coming Here’s How It Will Affect IoT and the Security Industry

5G Is Coming, Here’s How It Will Affect IoT and the Security Industry

As of 2020, there are 9.9 billion IoT devices in the world. And this number is projected to increase to 21.5 billion by 2025. Ever since Reliance Jio and Qualcomm announced that they had aligned efforts for fast-track development and roll-out of 5G solutions.

Moreover, people are concerned about the impact 5G will have on the IoT and the security industry. Another major player in the 5G industry is DISH which has spent nearly $20 billion in licensed cellular network spectrum.

This means DISH now owns a more low, mid, and high-band licensed spectrum than other large-cap mobile carriers, such as Verizon and AT&T.

How will 5G impact the IoT industry?

The key areas where 5G will impact the IoT industry are driverless cars, smart cities, smart parking, smart homes, drones, energy, and health monitoring.

5G will be mostly used to transmit video signals. According to research, 5G could have a transmitting speed of more than 100 Mbps compared to today’s average network speed of 18.7 Mbps.

It will also impact smart offices with a biometric attendance system by reducing the time required to identify an employee.

When compared to 4G, which has a latency of 50ms on average, 5G will have a latency of 1ms. This indicates increased stability and reliability.

How will 5G impact the security industry?

When it comes to security, 5G will only strengthen the current security systems, including that of biometric attendance software, CCTVs, smart homes, mobile applications, and more. We can expect more and more companies to set up R&D that solely uses the 5G network to research security aspects.

Over time, we will see added encryption and improved defense at the network’s edge, such as network function visualization, mobile edge computer, and network slicing. All of which can make the 5G network more secure. Read more: How Are Biometric Solutions Shaping Workplace Security?

Final Thoughts

Whether you are in the security or IoT industry, 5G can positively impact your business. However, it is essential to set up your R&D to determine your business’s key areas, where 5G can be beneficial.

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