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Track Employee’s Holidays and Overtime Attendance through Software

Track Employee’s Holidays and Overtime Attendance through Software

Do you want to track your employee’s holidays and overtime attendance through software? Are you looking for the best option to make it possible? Then without making a further delay, start using the Time Office Software and track all the attendance details of your employees.

Nowadays, most of the employees are misusing office liberty and get involved in time theft or buddy punching. Due to this, the company is facing many troubles and not finding any improvement in its production.

To get rid of this issue, the managers have to calculate the working hours of each and every employee. But performing it manually is not an easy task to do. Therefore, here comes a better attendance software for companies to track their employee’s working hours.

The biometric attendance software has been considered as the best alternative to various manual timesheets in a most secure manner.

Features of Biometric Attendance Software

Biometric Attendance Software is one of the most extraordinary automated techniques for identifying an employee based on their behavioral or physiological characteristics. The most extraordinary features of biometrics used for employee identification are:

  • Fingerprints
  • Face
  • Palm veins
  • Finger veins
  • Voice patterns
  • Iris

By using the above-mentioned employee identification, no one would be able to do time theft or buddy punching. Therefore, the company will also get the exact data of the employee’s working hours and credit the salary based upon that.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance Software

1. Eradicate Time Theft

An employee wasting around 20 minutes per day on average would be wasting approx. 6000 minutes per year which would surely cost an office more loss in terms of working hours.

If you are having manual paper timesheets to calculate the employee working hours, then surely you could not able to find the major loophole behind this loss. Hence, during this time, you just need to follow a proper Time Attendance System like using software and tracking your employee working hours.

2. Prevent Buddy Punching

You must know the fact that buddy punching is one of the most illegal activities which will cause your company a huge financial loss per year. Buddy punching is when an employee punches another employee’s attendance during their absence. During this time, the biometric attendance software can prevent buddy punching.

Apart from this, the software can raise the productivity of your company, increase profits, and much more.

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