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Smart bank locker security system using biometrics fingerprints and GSM technology

Smart Bank Locker Security System Using Biometrics Fingerprints and GSM Technology

It’s a fact that a smart bank locker is safer than the locker in our home. in this real world, people are more concerned about the safety of their materialistic items like cash, jewelry, documents, etc lockers seem to be the safest place to store them.

In this fast-growing world where new technology is introduced almost every day, users have a high-security system with an electronics identification option. The world is moving towards automation; day by day as new technology is improving, new systems are introduced.


Smart Bank Locker Security System Using Biometrics Fingerprints

There are so many cases of a bank robbery that even bank ATMs are not safe anymore. Taking this into account a smart bank locker security system with biometrics fingerprints and GSM technology seems to be the best option.

The fingerprint-based Biometric Security System provides a high degree of accuracy in terms of accuracy. the verification mode system confirms the person’s identity by comparing the biometric template which is already stored in the data. In identification mode, the system recognizes the person by searching the entire template data for a match.

Smart bank locker systems

Smart bank locker systems with biometrics fingerprints, RFID, password, and GSM technology provide the most efficient and trustable security system than the traditional system. Biometric Systems work on a verification or identification mode.

GSM technology

The GSM technology sends the password directly to the authorized person’s phone through SMS, then the person sends the password to the microcontroller, microcontroller verified the password entered by the keyboard and the one received on the authorized phone, if the two passwords matched only then the locker will open otherwise it will remain locked.

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Personal products security

Unlike our home security, peoples of India tend to have more faith in bank locker security; they feel that bank locker security is the most secure place to keep their valuable possession. This belief of people adds an extra responsibility on banks they can’t afford a mistake towards the security of the bank.


From ancient times, a locker has been the first choice to safeguard the valuables items of people till now. Present-day bank security systems use the mechanical key method in which one key was given to the user and the other one was kept by the bank.

That’s why a more secure system with SMS-based and GSM technology has become the need of the hour. A system that activates, authenticates, and validates the user and only then unlocks the locker.

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