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biometric technology

Single Sign-Up Biometric Solutions For Desktop Users

Time and again biometric authentication has proved its worth and utility by becoming one of the most profound solutions for all the service companies as well as the desktop users in these enterprises of various fields. To have a full-fledged and a productive process, it is very necessary to have a biometric machine for the conduction of the same.

Let us first understand the meaning of biometric authentication for the installation of the biometric security.

The biometric solutions and the authentication is a propelled security and get to control application that measures records, and verifies the physical attributes and behavioural parts of a man that can be checked and observed on a programmed premise. Tallness, weight, hair shading, eye shading, are all physical attributes of a person that can be adequately found. However, security staff checks for such biometric components that couldn’t change after some time as not at all like the physical attributes that may change with time.

These aides help in building up a biometric system of security and gadgets which confirm and verify the access to a man on the premise of pre-recorded physical qualities and behavioural characteristics that won’t change. Fusing these components for testing access, it is guaranteed to lessen the frequency of extortion since physical attributes, and behavioural viewpoints can’t be replicated efficiently unless master innovation applications and false gadgets are utilized.


Characteristics of a good solution system

  • The physical quality or behavioral trademark ought to be identifiable with the individual extraordinarily, with no extent of duplication.
  • The biometric distinguishing proof characteristic must not change over the time of the person’s lifetime, or this can upset the whole verification handle.
  • The information ought to be checked efficiently against the pre-recorded information of the real person in a computerized, straightforward, and speedy way.
  • The physical trademark or behavioral characteristic ought to be adequately perused or filtered in the zone of operation, with a reasonable gear and with prompt outcomes.
  • Easy to use and simple to work with framework supervisors and people.
  • Willing taking an interest of the individual is not fundamental.
  • Utilize legacy information like voice acknowledgment or face filtering.


At Star Link, we’ve proved ourselves to be the pioneers and leaders in providing biometric solutions and have successfully served more than 7,000 clients in our 20 long years of service.

Our cost-effective biometric security solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Biometric authentication gave exact and secured access to essential data. Retinal output, fingerprints, voice recognition, and iris filter provides entirely particular arrangement of information that can’t be copied in any circumstance, along these lines, guaranteeing exact ID and validation comes about.
  • Computerized progressed biometric verification should be possible in a uniform and fast way, with just least preparing necessities.
  • It replaces the existing distinguishing proof strategies which accompany secret word check. Such secret key driven frameworks have a few issues. Individuals need to record the watchword to remember it, while frequently they even overlook it. Additionally, passwords can be hacked with cutting edge innovation frameworks.
  • The character of the individual is confirmed on the premise of satisfying physical attributes and biometrics, and not on the assumption of reports that can be effectively changed, stolen, or lost.
  • Terrifically essential insights about the individual are recorded alongside the biometric distinguishing proof codes for straightforward and snappy confirmation.


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