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Overtime Management Software – Adding Comfort in Corporates

A simple definition to understand overtime can be, the extra time consumed by an employee apart from the agreed working hours”.

Every organization has different shift formats subjected to working hours, conditions & locations. as per the guidelines 8 to 9 hours of work is permitted, to work above this is considered overtime. As the word “overtime” clearly suggests the extra time arranged for work apart from the defined working hours.

Overtime is practiced in almost every organization linking it directly to the completion of a project, assignment, event, or process within a given deadline. overtime can be performed by an individual or a team.

There are different formats & arrangments for overtime where not only extra hours needs to be devoted after the fixed work shift timings but HR‘s have modified the procedure with which you can dedicate your week off’s timings in the office as well counting it under the extra timings or authentically calling it, overtime.

Why does it remain a complex issue?

To practice overtime is costly for a company in both human and monetary terms. It can be directly associated with increased productivity but low work-family life balance. Apart from this calculating over time can be the biggest nightmare for Human resources as it can be a lengthy and tricky process. Some other major reasons causing overtime a complicated affair are:

  • Different formats and trends in overtime.

  • Overtime distribution amongst the employees.

  • Daily/weekly/Monthly overtime review and calculation.

  • Multi-level and multi-location overtime database and its calculation.

  • Setting minimum and maximum overtime policies.

  • Creating and modifying overtime guidelines and synchronizing them with the database.

  • Performance Management.

Apart from it, an H.R needs to perform their fundamental and most important duty, to motivate an employee and take care of their well-being.

What H.R. Drea, About Overtime Management?

On questioning the H.R about what they think or desire in an overtime management software to help them in calculating over time, they told us about their issues to be taken care of which started as:

  • A software that can handle lengthy overtime data which may also contain variations in it.

  • Duplicate entries are to be checked and avoided.

  • Multiple user log-ins.

  • Multi-level approval/rejection option.

  • Daily/weekly overtime review for H.R.

  • Regular/irregular data fixation.

  • Calculation factors for weekly off beyond regular time.

  • Vacation additional time hours effects.

  • Should be able to process overtime data of 24×7 work environment and 12 hours rotational shift processes.

  • Synchronized overtime data from multi-level/multiple locations.

  • Other type of associated data processing like laboured hours, excursion hours, overtime hours.

For overtime management software to work aptly, correct and complete data should reach the overtime software and this process gets initiated from the biometric attendance machines and access control systems.

Data Capture software plays the role to transfer all the raw data from the machine into the software which further gets processed into Time Office software to get synchronized working hours data and overtime hours data separately. After when this data gets transferred to overtime management software, extra hours calculation gets completed giving the complete work duration for the employees.

Doing justice with HR – Overtime management software

While a review call, one of the Human Resource departments from an organization described how the Overtime management system has helped their company to save time and money on overtime alteration. One of the most value-added features they got is handling the Multi-Location Overtime Trouble.

Further explanation described that their company has got offices at various locations and overtime remains functional the whole month. all the supervisors of different locations send the final overtime data of their employees to the head office from where the admin approves or disapproves the former requests and sends it back to their respective locations.

Secondly, the associated data like time, attendance & overtime of employees are monitored & measured by the supervisors & only the former is authorized for data and its measuring which adds the advantage of multi-level data checking and approval. They also added that it has helped them in reducing paper consumption due to online report generation, checking, and approval.

It is not mandatory to work overtime just to calculate the overtime. Your smart research for Indigenous manufacturers and developers, value-added features, value for money, round clock technical support can help you in opting for a valuable and effective Overtime Management Software.

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