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Next Generation of Security Systems: Integration of Access Control & CCTV

Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) is the next level of security system integrating the Access Control deployed in the office premises with the CCTV and Video Surveillance System. The need of highly secure systems is rising day by day due to increased vulnerability of the existing systems. With the advent of modern technologies the systems are getting complex and more prone to insecurity. So, the Real-Time confirmation of the Access Control Status with Visual Monitoring Guarantees High Level of Security with Low Installation Cost.

The prime vision of ISMS is to monitor the various systems integrated with each other with the accumulated data. The data received can further be used by the security personnel to use it for efficient running of security systems and other allied functions.


Benefits of Integrated Security Management System

The benefits of correlating data from intrusion alarms, video surveillance, card access, visitor management, asset tracking and other systems is to share data and intelligence across an existing network infrastructure. There is huge possibility to provide a uniform, user-friendly and powerful single-site solution that is able to extend to multi-site management.

With an integrated CCTV and Access Control video clips from any camera on the network can easily and quickly be recalled through the software based on the time or event. Security managers can have complete control of cameras, including its pan, tilt and zoom functions and can verify live users with stored images using the video verification option manually or automatically using a Face Recognition System.

Users can be alerted to view live video or easily retrieve video playback of access and intrusion events directly from the access control management software. Even the online and off-line status of the camera motion detection events and video loss can also be available.

Integration with Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, would enable the doors to be opened automatically for the safe exit of humans from the affected area, while popping up the images automatically on the CCTV screens for verification, remedial action and recording.

It is also possible to integrate other systems such as HVAC and Building Management, HR Systems, etc. so that all information is available in real time and forming a basis to take management decisions that are based on live data.

Operational/Functional perspective of ISMS

The ISMS provide a means to control access through nominated doors having Turnstiles and Electric Locking door status monitoring and card or biometric access control readers. Access rights associated with a presented access card or biometric identifier shall be checked for validity based on the card or identifier, access time, access area, and any other access management function defined in this specification, as stored in intelligent field controllers. Access shall be granted or denied depending on the access privilege.

The ISMS provides a fully functional intruder alarm system for sensitive areas including entry and exit delays where intruder detection sensors are connected to system inputs. The Intruder Alarm System component shall be fully integrated with the Access Control aspects of the system. It shall be possible to set (secure) or unset (insecure) areas from any access control reader associated with an area, access control reader with keypad, Alarms Management Terminal, or as required for defined central control locations. The ISMS provide a Window based User Interface with Site Plans and interactive icons representing the location and real-time status of Alarm Monitoring equipment and Access Control.

In case of any negative instance a signal is sent to the CCTV, allowing it to focus on the event unless it is not cleared. In the meanwhile, an alarm is sent to the concerned person of concerned department which looks after the event immediately. The degree of event can be defined by the user and depending on that the alarming notification is sent and also proper action is taken.

This integrated system looks more favorable in the aspect of physical security, leaving lowest possibility of any loophole. Breaking the chain of security in the whole system is quite difficult and it can be traced within a single glimpse. The security experts acclaims it to be the safest security management system in the coming time and also rely on it for physical security.


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