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New Trends In Biometric Industry

Biometric technology is an ever developing field of security system. The rapid growth and emergence of new technologies means new form of security products to make authentication far more convenient and secure for people. Every year we have seen more growth and innovation in the usage of this new form of human identification. The growth in the number of users and different usage of this system of security has forever reshaped the word of biometric authentication. Unlike I.D cards and pin numbers that are a traditional method of identifying a person based on his name, picture and other data, biometric recognition though is far more personal. Biometric security systems study the unique biological traits of a person to identify them. Few latest trends in this field of security are:

Biometric Single Sign on (SSO):
This has been a debatable topic for quite a while and still continuous to be one, it is whether Biometrics will replace passwords soon or not. A major part of the population gravitates towards the former. The debate started because several companies are fast replacing the use of traditional passwords with biometric single sign on in order to secure their network from data breach. Passwords come with a lot of security loopholes as they have to be remembered, continuously updated and are often shared. The same cannot be said for fingerprints or eye retina. They are unique to every individual and cannot be shared or lost. Also companies require single employee to log into multiple databases and have different passwords for each, this can be time consuming and quite infuriating. So implementing Biometric Sign On has increased the productivity of employees by helping them carry out a lot of tasks with ease.

Mobile Biometric Technology:
What does one do when Biometric technology is required at venues which are not fixed say like a controlled office environment, under these circumstances biometric authentication must go where people are going, in other words should be portable. This is where mobile biometric technology comes up. Through the use of a mobile device with a built in biometric sensor or by attaching a portable biometric hardware to it, biometric functionality can be achieved.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Innovative products and technologies are cropping up every day in the field of security and identity authentication and would soon revolutionize this industry completely.


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