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Need Wireless Device for Attendance Process?

In schools and mostly in colleges, taking attendance of the students is the most crucial task for the faculties and teachers because it has major chances of doing proxies. We have identified the complexities and brought the latest technology for teachers to take the attendance of the students through the wireless fingerprint attendance management system.


Our wireless and handheld machine will reduce the workload on teachers for uploading the attendance, storing lots of papers to maintain attendance record, making the defaulter list etc. Also, implementation of this system will help to reduce the errors made by the faculties at the time of uploading the attendance in the system.


Proposed System

In our system, the teacher will bring a handheld device in the class and will follow the procedure:

  • Teachers will start the process by enrolling his own thumb in the system. This will help to analyze who is taking the class.
  • He will give the attendance machine to the students. As it is battery enabled and wireless handheld system, this device is easy to handle.
  • Every student will show their finger on the scanner of the device and those who are present will get the attendance for that lecture/class. Since it is based on wireless communication (GPRS/Wi-Fi) data will automatically transfer to the server.
  • The teacher will again place the same finger to close the attendance procedure.
  • The software will automatically mark the attendance for the student whose fingers are registered.
  • The software will also generate the reports date wise, lecture wise, semester wise and you can also take its print out.
  • One more feature can also be customized that if any student’s attendance percentage is less than 75%, and an SMS can be sent to the parents of a respective student.

Advantages of Wireless Attendance System

  • The device can be carried to any of the Classes irrespective of the time and period.
  • This device will help to generate lecture wise report because sometimes students bunk their classes after marking attendance.
  • ¬†Wireless system with multiple connectivities like GPRS/Wi-Fi will help to track the real-time data of the students/classes/lectures.
  • The wireless and handheld device is battery enabled with 6 hours of back-up which can be a good option for attendance management in multiple classes. Needless to hang it with wire at the certain point.
    Another advantage of a wireless device from Star Link is, it has an inbuilt camera. So it can capture the image of every person whoever tries to authenticate.

Other Scope of Wireless Device

  • At some construction sites where there is lack of connectivity and power, the wireless device will help to mark the attendance in the same procedure.
  • You can also use this system for taking the attendance of security guards, who are deployed at multiple locations.

Wireless Attendance System presents a design and framework for taking attendance and thereby making the troublesome process of taking and compiling of attendance simple and efficient. So this prototype is not only cheaper and efficient but also have low power design and also easy to operate. Implementation of this system will remove all the manual works done by the teachers in order to manage the attendance.

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