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Keep Eye On Unscrupulous Guards

A company faced a loss due to material theft at their manufacturing plant. The security guards were clueless about the activity going on in backyards of the plant in their presence. CCTV footage was not clear enough to find the clues regarding the theft.

Looking at the careless behavior of the security personals and other guards working in the night, the company decided to implement an automated system which can give their activity report.

Guard Tracking System – is what they found while searching for the solution on the internet to control the tracking of the guards at work. It is a biometric solution developed to completely eliminate the ongoing problem of sleepy and wandering guards. By monitoring their reports of patrolling, Guard Tracking System now ensures that security personals are alert and present on the duty.

This system requires few biometric devices installed at different point inside the periphery of patrolling area. Each guard is enrolled with their biometrics in the machines and also smart card is being allocated for the purpose. The guards then reports in defined time interval during the patrolling and their site are safe and secure. Also the reports are generated after they have concluded all the patrols assigned to them.

This information, which is relayed back to the central control room automatically updates the system to display all real-time records of the guard, working across all active sites.

The working guards cannot manipulate the records as the system implemented constitutes their biometric behavior, leaving them with no choice. The user acclaims that the system is so complex that no mechanism can create a loophole and beat the system. Even if anyone tries to create any kind of manipulation is detected immediately.

Acclaimed Security believes that this system will assure businesses that their manned guarding budget is being spent wisely and all guards are alert and working proactively to protect the premises.

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