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How Technical Assistance Will Add Glory?

How Star Link Technical Assistance Will Add Glory?

Characterizing by virtue how technical support plays an integral role for manufacturers in attendance and access control system sector.



The present-day world is filled with Hi-tech gadgets, machines, software, and hardware. In a wish to use all the latest additions we rarely imagine what could be done if the device goes UN-functional or encounter any defects.

The reason behind this sense of satisfaction lies in one phrase which is “Technical Support or Technical Assistance”.

Enterprises are equally dedicated to technical support as manufacturing alone lets us win half of the game and providing sound and admirable technical support ensures a complete win-win situation.


The backbone of Manufacturers:

A feature-loaded product with satisfactory technical support leaves an intense impression on the customers. There comes another category of B2B clients where the grade and options for customer service & support are defined on a professional level.

Not only call support but engineer visits, After Maintenance Cost (AMC), post-installation follow up and many other forms of support are to be provided.

Imagine an organization with rotational shifts, employees come in different shifts, some get overtime working hours, some are going early, some have restricted access, some are in the process to be provided and various other related problems.

And between all of this the complete Attendance Device server suffers a breakdown, The company’s work process won’t stop but all the access controls and attendance-related areas will be worst affected bringing the whole official activities to an unwanted break.

Instant Support not provided on time can kill all the daylong saved activities which can cause data discrepancy during salary calculations. Organizations cannot afford any mismanagement or dis-functionality in the services as it will affect the complete hierarchy and will lead to major obstacles at work.

Let’s put some light on some of the customer-centric technical support features which play a fundamental role in customer service:

  • 24×7 Support Policy

The technical glitches can be encountered anytime in the offices which work on 24 hours time format. A fault that appeared late at night can result in serious statistics troubles by morning, the time when the technical support team would be back on the desk to help.

24X7 support policy makes sure that complete assistance or support should be provided round the clock so that the organizations won’t face any trouble & the work gets completed on time.

  • Customized Solution

The leading benefit of purchasing a product from a manufacturer is that the parts installed in the product would be available in case the product faces any problem in the future. Even if the product goes out of service but a manufacturing firm maintains the spare inventory for their customers.

Not only this but what sort of unique customization can be demanded by the client in the future keeping in mind the business expansion. Let’s take an example that a company with 5,000 employees may increase the staff in the coming years, along with the employees all other processes like:



Management won’t be in the interest to change the current attendance system but may ask the service provider to modify the existing system so that the process should not get hampered. This clearly shows the importance of customized solutions.

  • In-House Design & Development

An advanced version of customer support demands an obvious design and development facility to be implemented in-house. As mentioned above, clients may ask for customization but till the time a manufacturer won’t have a Design & Development facility in-house, desired modification under a given time frame would be difficult as outsourcing will consume a good amount of time.

  • PAN India Sales & Support Network:

To serve the clients on a PAN India basis, it is really necessary to have a sound sales and support network. If a client who is located far from your unit is in need of technical assistance which might require an on-site visit.

The regional support team with their support engineers can reach on-site immediately solving the issue in lead time giving a delightful client experience.

Client Satisfaction: An Exclusive Slogan

We came across many gratifying experiences of customer support. To understand it further let’s have a look at the statistical report with the help of a pie chart on what percentage of various types of technical support requests were received by the clients.

    •   Hardware support included our service engineer’s visit at Jindal group’s plant at Jahazpur, Orrisa to demonstrate biometric machine’s uses and functions to their employees.

    • On-call support helped one of our clients to detect the port connectivity problem due to which data was not getting transferred from their manufacturing plant at Sonipat to the Dehradun office.

    •   Software support was delivered to TLC Relationship Management Pvt. Ltd. for the machine not getting connected to the server which was diagnosed as their computer system’s firewall blocking the data transfer process.

Responsive technical team & Support

As per the company’s policies, complaints usually take 2 to 3 business days to be resolved but the above examples prove that when you have a team of professional network & software engineers and experts in every domain, it will have all the positive consequences for the customers.

While producing or promoting new products and services in the market, we should equally promote and enhance the technical support area to establish firm satisfaction among our clients.


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