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GDPR Compliance using Access Management

GDPR Compliance is European Union’s new data security or protection law which secures the data of all European citizen’s personal data. This data protection law’s main motive is to protect the data of each “identifiable natural person” of Europe.
With this new law, even the organizations who already possess or handle the personal data of many individuals will also have to obey the regulations of General Data Protection Regulations system.

GDPR is being brought into effect in May 2018, and it asks all the European Union based Companies for big changes in the way that these companies collect, store and store personal data of normal citizens in order to comply with the GDPR rules.
By personal data, it means any data that can identify a normal person like contact number, name, ID number, online identifiers or location etc.

Biometric is also a part of GDPR rules. Biometric data qualifies as a special type of personal data and GDPR has a separate biometric security system for the handling of such data. A new Biometric access control system is invented in order to make the biometric data more secure as it can easily identify a person.
GDPR mainly concerns over the confidentiality of personal data and setting limits over its access. The GDPR access control ensures that the private data can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

GDPR is one of the strictest laws to ever be implemented over the sharing of personal data not only because of the rules but also because of the penalties for non-compliance. This system is being brought into effect to ensure that only the right people have access to the personal data and even those people must use that data only for the explicit purpose for which they have collected or stored the data.

GDPR privilege access management is a key factor in achieving success with GDPR compliance. A privileged user is a user with the administrative or root access to the system or the data that is to be protected. Privileged users are important for GDPR as they help in tracking administrative access control for any system that manages the personal data. GDPR privilege access management offers a secure and streamlined way to authorize and monitor all privileged users on all the relevant systems.


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