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Fingerprint Attendance Machine – Bio Star 09

Fingerprint Attendance Machine – Bio Star 09

Biometric attendance systems have made monitoring the attendance and working hours of employees easier. In fact, a biometric attendance machine is a key to password-less authentication. This eliminates the need for remembering difficult passwords to enter the office premises.

Bio Star 09 is currently the finest fingerprint-based machine in the industry. With more than 5 lakh recording capacity and 9560 finger template storage capacity, Bio Star 09 can easily manage the attendance record of your employees.

The biggest advantage of using Bio Star 09 is that it confirms the punching status via a visual image and an audio message in English or any other regional language (as set by the organization).

What are the features of Bio Star 09?

  • It features a large LCD display to show the information of the employee

  • Has the capacity to store 9,560 finger template

  • Can store more than 5 lakh recording

  • Allows organizations to customize it according to their needs

  • TCP/IP connectivity feature

  • Has multiple operational modes such as fingerprint, card, and PIN

Where Bio Star 09 can be used?

The primary aim of Bio Star 09 is to provide access only to authorized persons and keep a record of people who logged in. It can be used in various places such as offices, canteens, schools, colleges, gyms, and more.

Why choose Bio Star 09 by Star Link?

Being the leading manufacturer of Biometric Attendance Systems, Star Link maintains superior quality in their products. Additionally, Star Link always integrates the latest technology in its products just like they did in Bio Star 09.

Bio Star 09 by Star Link allows you to track the attendance and clock-in/clock-out time of employees working on different shifts and set flexible work timings for them.

Unlike other biometric attendance system manufacturers who provide services until you buy a biometric attendance machine from them, Star link provides excellent after-sales services.

Additionally, you can integrate payroll software with Bio Star 09 attendance system to automate the payment process based on employees’ working time. This eliminates the need for manual payment calculation, removing the chances of errors.


Bio Star 09 is the perfect solution for tracking employee attendance and keeping a record of their working hours. It also eliminates the chances of manual errors, saving a lot of money. No matter if you’re looking for a fingerprint or card-based Biometric Attendance Machine, Star Link can fulfill all your needs.

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