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Finger and Card-based Access Control System with EM Lock

Finger and Card-based Access Control System with EM Lock

Finger and card-based access control systems help restrict the physical entry of people without authorization. This has been practiced especially in govt or private organizations, to balance the security measures with an intelligent control system. These have many more other advantages like playing the role of time attendance system, etc., which we would be discussing in the article.


Advantages of Access Control System:

The finger and card-based access control system effectively reduces the workforce and has proven to be efficient in managing the access of multiple entries and exits. It also maintains the record of in and out times of the employee while acting upon as a biometric time attendance system, which is useful in calculating the working hours. This has become an essential device for residential or office security due to its easiness of installation and efficiency. The locks are laced with electrical appliances that get quickly connected with computers or any other methods to be used in any place.

Fingerprint and Card-based Control System with EM Locks

The fingerprint locks remain connected with electricity to operate for locking and unlocking. These can be used in offices or specific rooms of the house where the authenticate person’s fingerprints are already stored in the devices. Such a person has sole access to a particular area while restricting the other.

Whereas the card-based control system provides access only to people with the card. The card needs to be inserted, and the hardware accepts the valid cardholders by granting their access. The EMI locks are mounted on doors and are laced with a magnet that gets charged when a person with invalid entries tries to give access and disables the admission of such person.

How does it work?

The door access control systems consists of a card reader which grant access to the authorized user already present in the system. Once the verification gets done, the locking system automatically gets de-energized, and the doors open.  The person needs to press the door and release the switch to exit, and the system releases the lock. It also comes with a power backup and a broken glass which can be used at the time of emergencies while providing 24/7 security.


Being in the industry for more than two decades now, we surely know the art of making fingerprint and card-based access control & biometric attendance system. Let us know what your requirements are, and we will do the needful.

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