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Electromagnetic Door Lock: A Keyless Solution for Security

What is the best solution to secure your home from thefts and similar threats? Locks for your door, right!

Just like technology has brought drastic changes in other sectors of our life, it has improved the security of our home through electromagnetic door locks.

An electromagnetic door lock is basically a locking device that has an electromagnet and armature plate. And there’s no other better device than these locks that can safeguard your home. It not only provides a safe environment but also discourages any criminal activity from happening.

Electronic locking devices are of two types i.e “fail-safe” and “fail secure”. The first one remains locked when power is lost whereas the latter one is unlocked. The electromagnetic part of the lock along with a mating armature plate is attached to the door. When the door is closed, these two parts are in contact.

So, how exactly it works?

When you activate the lock, electromagnet gets energized that leads to a current to pass through the electromagnet that creates a magnetic flux. This current then causes the armature plate to attract the electromagnet, hence creating a locking action. The mating area of the armature and electromagnet is quite large, resulting in a strong enough force that it keeps the door locked even in the events of stress. There are many benefits of automated Door Locks.

But what kind of benefits it offers you?

  • These locks can be used with intercom system making the communication easier.
  • By adjusting the power source, you can even turn on and off these locks remotely.
  • Because of the reason that there are no interconnected parts, these locks are relatively easier to install.
  • In comparison to other locks, they are far sturdier and can withstand a lot more damage.

Starlink is the leading manufacturer of Door Access control system which simplifies management of access and generate various reports Door wise & User wise. So, use electromagnetic door locks and keep your establishment absolutely secure to enjoy a secure lifestyle.


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