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access control system, access control software, door access control system

What are Door Access Control System & Its Benefits?

In the area of electronic security, access control systems have an essential demand when it comes to generating value to your company or residential complex, as it is a practical resource when preventing, controlling and stopping access to physical and logical resources.

Regarding electronic security, they are an automated system that through reading or identification allows the authorization, entry, access or restriction of a user to a specific area.

The access controls are a practical security solution that can be used at all corporate levels. However, note that it is also across the solution that can be correctly applied to different niche or market segments: corporate buildings, government buildings, educational complexes, industrial facilities and all types of residential and commercial horizontal property. Of course, the complexity of the system for each sector will depend on the needs and requirements of each market.


The access controls are classified into three types:

  • Autonomous access control systems
  • Autonomous Convertible access control systems
  • Network access control systems

Access control systems are of two types:

  1. Offline
  2. Centralized

The first class is the cheapest and easiest to install and maintain. On each door is installed a combined device, a controller with a reader. We recommend this system only indoors. For example, you can separate the office part from the client zone to make it difficult for visitors to enter the administrative part of the building.

Advantages of a centralized ACS:

  • Monitoring the opening of doors in real time. Security guards on a separate monitor see the plan of the building with the marked doors and the door opening alarm.
  • A single access control centre, to assign access (add a new employee, change access to objects, or remove a dismissed employee), it is enough to count the key on the administrator’s panel once.
  • High degree of safety. Unlike the autonomous system, opening the reader will not allow a simple closing of the contacts to open the door. And even substitution of the reader for its “stitched” will not give anything
  • In case of a fire alarm, the security officer can unlock all doors
  • All door openings are logged automatically. You can see how much a particular employee came to work

access control system, access control software, door access control system
The door access control system implemented by the company makes it possible to precisely define the rules of access for employees to specific parts. It reduces the risk of hardware loss as well as the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information.

Access Control System can improve safety in schools. Limiting external access to unauthorized persons can reduce, among other things, the risk of drug trafficking appearing more and more often in schools. The inability to leave school by students outside fixed hours eliminates the problem of unjustified absences.

Offices, power plants, hospitals, refineries, mines and other public utility buildings, the biometric access control system allows staff to access different areas according to the needs of the work organization while others can only move to specific locations.

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