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Biometric Facial Recognition System

Biometric Facial Recognition System: It’s Time To Show Yourself

Unlike any other biometric device, a face recognition system captures still images and matches the unique characteristics against stored information in the database for the sole purpose of identification or authentication.

When compared to other modes of attendance system which requires a human interface, face recognition is much safer and more reliable as it requires fewer inputs from humans.


How does the facial biometric attendance system work?

Bio Face Reader from Star Link automatically analyses & maps the facial features which include the distance between eyes, nose & mouth from each other and saves an analytical picture of our face into it, and saves the accurate time of check-in and check-out of employees.

Despite low lighting conditions, it can quickly and accurately identify employees. However, the facial biometric attendance system captures 3 different angled images of our face due to which it can authenticate faces while it is partially facing sidewards or downwards.


How is a facial recognition system making a difference?

Unlike fingerprints, facial characteristics cannot be forged. Also, it has the ability to gather demographic data on crowds. Since the face recognition system doesn’t require physical contact, it is much easier to use and reliable.


Why use a face recognition system in your organization?

A face recognition system hosts a lot of potential benefits for a business organization including:

  • Improved level of security
  • No need to physically contact the biometric device for authentication
  • It requires less processing time as compared to other biometric systems
  • Easy to integrate with current security features
  • Saves the late-entry time along with their overtime hours

Where to find a face recognition system?

Star Link is one of the leading manufacturers of biometric attendance systems and their Bio Face Reader and biometric access control system automatically analyze facial expressions and are highly capable of modeling a face in real-time. The best part about the bio face reader is that it even performs perfectly in the low-light medium and can store up to 5 lakh records.


Final Thoughts

The biometric face recognition system is the future of biometric devices. Apart from increased security it also saves time by automating authentication. Also, the improved accuracy of the face recognition system helps managers to analyze the attendance along with exact check-in and check-out timings of employees, their overtime hours, and their late entry hours which will help them calculate the exact payout for each employee, which in turn will help organizations save a lot of money.


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