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Biometric Face Recognition- A New Age of Security

Biometric Face Recognition- A New Age of Security

Biometric has bought a revolution in security systems with technologies like iris, fingerprint, and face recognition to build high security. It has become the most popular and widely used security system in offices and even in mobile devices while unlocking them. These methods have proven to be more affordable and accurate while eliminating the time-consuming factors during security checks and installment of sensors.

How Biometric Face Recognition works?

This biometric security system identifies the person through their digital image, which is already stored in the device within the different angles. The person stands in front of the device; it then scans and compares the live image from the one stored in the system. Everything from the size of the lip, cheekbone, and jawline to the proportion of nose and eye socket are compared. The face is analyzed carefully by marking the accurate gaps between eyebrows or spacing between the nose and lips. People don’t need to provide their details or need keys and cards to get access to the premises, which increases the security level. The information of blacklisted people can also be stored, which can restrict them by entering a particular place and will also alert the security system at the same time.

Biometric Face Recognition Improves Security

The biometric devices have been proven effective while fighting crime, fraud, and improving public safety, especially in crowded places. The cameras are laced with high megapixels, which can easily detect low-quality images or faces partially covered with hats or sunglasses by dividing the algorithms of faces.

These are also used as a time attendance system in offices to keep regular updates of their employees for avoiding any fraudulent people and mark attendance with ease. One can easily forge wrong signatures or make duplicate keys for the entrance but cannot change their face to commit any wrong. In the upcoming years, we will surely get to see more upgraded versions of it with extensive usage.


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