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Biometric Devices By Star Link Communication Pvt. Ltd.

As a pioneer in the application of biometric technology, at Star Link Communication Pvt. Ltd. we provide several high-quality, user-friendly and affordable biometric devices. Today, we are going to broadly classify them into two for your convenience. The products would be explained, without any jargons or too many technical details (Refer to our products page for full technical details and specifications.) for your easy understanding.

    1. Biometric Attendance Systems – We have multiple devices falling into this category – Bio-Link 09, Bio Track, Industrial Model, Bio Star-09, Classic Model and Bio Lynx. Which one of these we recommend for you depends on the nature & the size of your business and your budget. For example, Bio Track is a hand-held device that makes it well-suited to be used at places such as construction sites. It works via Wi-Fi, LAN and GPRS.These devices use fingerprint recognition technology to mark attendance. Voice messages in devices confirm the marking of attendance.
    2. Door Access Control Systems – These eliminate any fear of door keys being lost, or worse, stolen, and key-cards being misplaced. Contrary to what you may think, they are economical options. And, you don’t need to have different keys for different people. Our Door access controller can store up to 62,500 records!
    3. Slave Reader – We offer smart card slave readers. These are used with smart card systems in cases where In/ Out punching needs to be separated. These slave readers are also used in case of door access control systems – when the door is required to be open from both the sides.


Don’t forget to visit our individual Products pages for more technical details and specifications. Feel free to seek our suggestion if your organisation needs a burst of biometric technology. After all, every management can do with making its life easier!


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