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Biometric Attendance Software

Biometric Attendance Software That Rules The World

Time Office Attendance Software, is a next-generation enterprise-grade biometric attendance software that boosts employee efficiency and manages the workforce with a simple click of the mouse.

Power-packed with advanced features, the biometric attendance system automates timekeeping and reduces administrative burdens. It even helps you to manage individuals, teams, groups, and departments together.

Star Link Time Office Software is designed in a way that will help you to handle even the most complex shift rules for your diverse workforce by setting the leave accrual policy. The best part about this software is, it is also available in a web-based version which means it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet-enabled device.

Biometric Attendance Machine – The Key to Passwordless Authentication is developed innovatively with the latest technologies to handle the various attendance requirements of your organization and can be easily integrated with Time Office Attendance Software or Star Time Office Software.

Star Link Communication Pvt Ltd offers you a complete time and attendance solution that will help you improve your overall business productivity by providing instant processing of employees’ log-in and log-out time along with efficient management of shifts, leaves, overtime, and much more, with the provision of payroll integration.

Why Star Link’s Office Software?

  • Adapts to the organization’s business rules

  • Can be integrated with a fingerprint-based attendance system

  • Can be integrated with a card-based attendance system

  • Molds to the organization’s hierarchical reporting structure

  • Helps employers to electronically track their employees in a transparent manner

  • Simplifies timekeeping process

  • Eliminates paperwork

  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Silient Features

  • Real-time Visibility: Get employee attendance data in real-time and gain transparency to view online timesheets in one click.

  • Features of FlexiTime in shifts: Eliminates manual efforts in managing employee shifts and simplifies entire shift management for diverse employee groups.

  • Multiple-shift handling option: Handle multiple shift attendances together. It creates multiple timesheets depending on the shift and allows you to view it in one single click.

  • Dynamic late arrival plan: It allows you to set working hours and the system will automatically create a dynamic late arrival plan for employees and will calculate their working hours based on how late someone is.

  • Generates Multiple Reports: Easily generates daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly leaves and compliance reports to analyze employees working efficiency.

Bottom Line

The main reason for time office attendance software and star time office software ruling the world is because they allow all types of customization in the software.

Organizations with different rules can easily customize the software based on their workflow rules along with multiple-shift handling and real-time visibility along with multiple reports which can be generated as per the employer’s choice.

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