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Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance Machine Most Asked Questions

FAQs of Biometric Attendance Machine

1. What is a Biometric Attendance Machine?

A biometric attendance machine is an attendance management system that uses a person’s physical characteristics to record the working days, log-in and log-out time of all the employees in an organization.

2. What are the Types of Biometric Attendance Machine?

Most of the biometric attendance machines use a person’s physical characteristics. Most common biometric attendance system includes fingerprint-based, card-based, face recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, and signature recognition.

3. What are the Advantages of Biometric Attendance Machine?

Implementing a biometric attendance machine has the following advantages:

  • Eliminates proxy punching.
  • Accurate and trustworthy data.
  • Accurate payroll records.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased Return on Investment.
  • Enhances Employee Accountability.
  • Eliminates paperwork.

4. What are the Applications of Biometric Attendance Machine?

A biometric attendance machine is used in organizations to track and record employees’ check-in and check-out times accurately. It even helps the employer track late employees and overtime. When integrated with payroll software, biometric devices can accurately calculate an employee’s salary based on his/her production hours.

5. How to Use Biometric Attendance Machine?

Since biometric attendance machines are made by different companies, the rules for the correct use differs. It is better to read the product manual before using it. However, there are a few common steps such as:

  • Set up departments according to the present situation of the company in the biometric attendance machine

  • Set up shifts, working hours for each shift, and calculation method of overtime hours

  • Set up the processing method of late and early leave time

  • Register each employee using their personal information (ID number, department, fingerprint or other physical characteristics, and a password)

  • Set up basic information in your computer (attendance rules, working days, and departments)

  • Add personal information about each and every employee

  • Connect to a network synchronization data


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