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Biometric Attendance Machine To Enforce Punctuality In Police Stations, Telangana

It’s well-known that biometric attendance software enforces punctuality and curbs absenteeism. In the month of October, 2015, we covered the story of this software/ systems being introduced in the block offices of Koraput, Odisha. Manual maintenance of attendance records is unreliable because forging them is easy. A biometric attendance system, on the other hand, marks attendance through fingerprints, which are unique to every human. This makes the marking of one’s attendance by their colleagues an impossibility. Employees report to work on time as being late triggers salary deduction and/ or their performance. Today, we are breaking another similar story to the Koraput one – fingerprint attendance system is going to replace traditional method of attendance-marking across 71 police stations in Nalgonda, Telangana.

Superintendent Vikram Jeet Duggal had introduced biometrics in the district police headquarters about three months back in order of ensure punctuality of the ministerial staff. Having received a good response, and a whole lot of complaints regarding the punctuality of the police staff, he has now decided to implement the system at all the police stations in the district. The SP was quoted as saying that the punctuality of staffers has improved at police stations with a biometric attendance system. He also said that Station House Officers have now been freed from the burden of maintaining manual attendance of the staffers.


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