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Behavioural Biometrics & SecureAuth

As we all know, passwords don’t satisfy the security needs of the 21st-century world. Passwords can be stolen (and often are!), lost and forgotten. They can be misused. Same with PINs. Which is why the world seems to be undergoing a biometric revolution. We have repeatedly stated, as manufacturers of biometric devices, including biometric attendance system and biometric access control system, that biometrics are a reliable & almost foolproof method of authentication. Example: If you are running a company, you know that your employees can forge attendance in the attendance register, but they can’t do so in a time attendance system, that requires their fingerprint for authentication.


The challenge facing businesses today is to make verification process more secure while keeping it as simple as possible for the user. However, why restrict to fingerprint biometrics, when biometric technology goes beyond that? SecureAuth’s latest version of behavioural biometrics. Before we continue, it’s important to understand what behavioural biometrics is.


While physical biometrics is based upon unique physical characteristics, such as the whorls & arches of fingerprints, and patterns of irises, behavioural biometrics measures the unique patterns in human activities. This includes keystroke analysis (Speed, length of time keys are pressed & common errors), mouse use characteristics and so on. This way, a behaviour-based profile can be created on each user device. Everytime the user tries to log in, the profile will be matched to his behavioural traits. If the match is unsuccessful, SecureAuth would initiate a multi-step authentication process.

To Be Continued…

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