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5 Proble­ms Associated With Your Employees’ Attenda­nce!

Attendance management problems in many companies have been around for many decades. These issues arise due to the exploitation of the contract between employees and employers.

Contract exploitation may include many factors, from unannounced leaves to unnecessary breaks, impacting your work productivity. Moreover, they may even lead to downgrading your business’s reputation.

To rid themselves of those problems, some companies even segment these problems. But to what extent do those problems seem viable to deal with manually?

The first step toward improving your company’s performance is to address these issues. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent issues for you to be aware of, which are frequently overlooked by HR management.

Time Consuming Attendance Process

Despite existing in the digitalized era, the fastest era ever existed, many small medium-sized businesses still depend upon the traditional method of recording employee attendance data. which is an outdated and time-consuming process. It not only consumes employees’ time but also lowers their productivity.

Furthermore, the human resource department of these businesses needs to be aware of the modern biometrics that is available at reasonable prices that can make recording employees’ attendance a stressless and seamless process.

Employees arriving late or departing early

One most common dilemma that an HR manager has to face nowadays is the tardiness of employees. These employees arrive late at the office and go as early as they wish and still get paid the full amount. Employees’ untimely arrival can lead your company to unnecessary overtime costs. Overtime is required only when the pile of work is added to the existing work or when it’s a peak season and it cannot be delayed.

But when your company has to assign your employees for overtime at unusual times, it’s a sign that tells you need to be very articulate with your employee attendance management policy. There is cloud-based software available to help you time your employees’ late arrival and early departure and also assist you in setting a deduction percentage as per their late counts.

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Frequent breaks by employees

Have you ever noticed one of your employees slacking off and running back and forth to drink water or making frequent visits to the washroom during working hours? Yes, we are talking about the employees who like to take unnecessary breaks and still wish to get paid for the time they didn’t work for.

But your hands are tight, you can’t do anything unless you can time them. Timing employees is necessary among other important managerial duties. But you can’t do both unless you have many hands or rather a tool that gives you multiple hands.

Moreover, there’s a software tool available that you can leverage to time your employees and yet get enough time to focus and carry through important tasks.

Unapproved Absence

Some employees after they apply for leave assume their requests will be approved. So they don’t come to the office the following day. What they don’t realize is their office ends up having a pile of work during their absence and lowers productivity rate.

Though you can approve or decline the leave request of such employees on the same day using the right leave management tool or biometric attendance system for your company. Knowing the right solution for this unapproved absenteeism problem is very important.

Absence at the beginning or end of the weekend

Your company’s attendance management problems don’t end just yet. Tardy employees can be very clever when it comes to taking days off of work. This usually happens in so many companies, and yet there’s no permanent solution available.

You can use a customizable leave management software to restrict employees from taking unannounced leave the day before and the day after the weekend. To restrict absence on the day before and after the weekend, a company can set a deduction percentage on the gross salary if employees are absent during Saturdays or Mondays.

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