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Installing EM Locks

5 Precautions to Take Before Installing EM Locks

  • Posted On: August 26, 2021

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Electromagnetic locks, commonly known as EM locks or maglocks, offer keyless locking systems. Consisting of an electromagnet and an armature plate, these locks provide a perfect alternative to traditional door locks.

Is your Time Attendance System company planning to install a Biometric Attendance System? If it is so, the EM locks will work best with biometric attendance systems. 

Before installing a biometric attendance system and an electronic lock on doors, there are a few things that you must consider. Read on.

Before installing EM locks, you should take the following 5 precautions:

  • Recognize & Select The Right Lock

There are multiple types, sizes, and shapes of EM locks available in the market. Thus, it becomes crucial to choose the right lock for your doors. At the same time, each Biometric Attendance Machine and door has its swinging patterns, thus depending on the size and shape of your door, you’ll require different brackets. 

Furthermore, some doors do not require brackets, while others do. Some doors require L-shaped brackets, while others require U-shaped brackets. 

  • Get The Right Tools

After gathering the necessary information and selecting the appropriate lock, the next most essential consideration is finding the appropriate tools. The EM lock and biometric system for attendance cannot be readily set up and installed. Arranging the right tools before installing EM locks is equally important. 

You won’t have to run back and forth looking for tools throughout installation if you have everything beforehand. Screws, drills, bolts, adhesive sheets, striking plates, and other tools are commonly used for EM lock installation.

  • Ensure Proper Measurement

If you’re up to installing an EM lock, it is important to ensure proper measurement. Fixing the brackets and other things based on guesses will only lead you to a misplaced installation. Even a one-mm gap can cause improper installation, so ensure proper measurement.

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  • Make a Wiring Plan Ahead of Time

Make sure the wiring is done before installing the EM lock. Others may do it the opposite way around, first installing the lock and then wiring. The latter technique devolves swiftly into confusion. It is best to finish the wiring before installing the EM lock.

  • Test The Lock

This is one of the most critical precautions, but businesses frequently overlook it and pay the repercussions afterwards. You must first test the lock. Check to see whether it is operating properly; simply open and close it once, to check that it is operationally smooth. It won’t take long, so don’t put off taking this vital precaution.

Keep the above precautions in mind before deploying a Biometric Attendance System with an EM lock. By doing so, you may avoid the needless problems that other businesses encounter post-installation. So, be prudent, take all of these precautions, and install your EM lock right now.

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