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Why Gym requires Gym Management Software

Why Gyms require Gym Management Software?

The Gym Control Software enables you to maintain records smoothly, allows you to store information of the Gym members into a database. It is ideal for managing financial records, reserving facilities, etc.

Gym Management Software can be leveraged by different locations such as:

  • Athletic clubs
  • Park districts
  • Dance Academies
  • Yoga centres
  • Swimming Pools
  • Fitness centres

Features Of Gym Management Software:

The Gym Management System is essential for accurately managing every task that occurs in a gym. With this advanced management system, the gym owners can track the sessions related details.

  • Prior Notification of the Payments
  • Easy report generation
  • Prepaid policy
  • Eliminates the need for hectic excel sheet reporting
  • Easy membership management
  • Keeps easy records of member
  • Postpaid policy

The Gym Management Software is an amalgamation of biometric attendance systems and access control machines with the software to record and maintain the attendance, access, and various other records of the members. The system eliminates the manual entry system, sends payment reminders, and endows a whole new organized shape to the managing structure.

Due to its massive data handling feature, the system can be installed in various clubs, gyms, yoga centers, etc.

The software is comprised of many master categories and the necessary features that help in the overall management of the gyms. Once the member’s enrollment is completed, their data synchronize with the software, and subsequently, these features can be availed:

  • Gym Master – this stores the gym’s information like gym/club name, id, address, short name, active/inactive status, email id, description and remarks.
  • Category Master – This categorize the gym members based on their gender, age, height, etc.
  • Location Master – this option stores the location-wise details of the gyms. The gyms with the nationwide franchise can take benefit from this feature.

For example, A gym has its branches based in Delhi and Mumbai, a member from Delhi’s gym can use the Mumbai outlet and vice-versa. With the biometric data saved in the server, a client can use the gym’s branch anywhere.

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  • Machine Master – this feature is used to adding or searching a machine. With the machine been provided a machine id, number, name, location, type, IP address, and any other information, attendance and access data can be received from any of it.
  • Member Master– Member Master avails you to add a new member into the system by entering his or her details like; their names, ID, card number, location, category, check box for active/inactive & registered/unregistered selection
  • Measurement History – This feature helps in check on the measurement details of the members such as their height, weight, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and others to track the progress of their clients.
  • SMS Alert – An automated text message alert can be sent to the gym members’ cellphones regarding the expiry of their membership.

And other features such as access permission, machine status, user permission, query analyzer, view attendance, reports, etc. are available.

On this note, we would like to recommend everyone to opt the home-grown manufacturers, for they endow country-made solutions and building trust and reliability along with their state-of-the-art services & features, and biometric technology has always been a hat-winner in terms of security, safety and authenticity.

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