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Time Attendance Machine

Time Attendance Machine – Effective Way to Track Employee Overtime

Tracking your employees working hours, Time taken off and even overtime has never been easier. With the new time attendance machines which are biometric oriented, company administrators are having a simple job monitoring their employees and even paying them accordingly. This is because the Time Attendance Machine is technically connected to the employee’s payroll making it easier to pay them. The devices are working real time and are precisely mechanized to give the most accurate data on the employees’ activity proceedings.

Companies have applied the factor below to ensure their time attendance machines are effective and can produce reliable data. As most systems are put with biometric devices, chances of error are minimal. Nevertheless, some of the other factors must be considered to ensure a 100% transition into the digital way of tracking employees working hours and even overtime.


Features of Time Attendance Machine from Star Link

1. Automated Systems

The time attendance machines are agentless and also non-intrusive. This is to ensure that no one can mess up with the system. Also, no one has to be employed to man the machines. An employee just check-in and the device monitors the time spent working and alerts both the employees and employee, in case of overtime.

2. Compatible with other Applications

The attendance machine is compatible with other time office software to ensure a clear record is kept under each employee’s name. The systems are current and accurate to keep track of time spent by an employee in a company while working, and the hours they have exceeded. This will help in the proper calculation of overtime payment.

3. Easy to Use

The time attendance systems have been made employee friendly to ensure total co-operation. They easy to use as one has to either get a fingerprint authentication or face recognition and the other work is for the machine to send the data to the company system. It is as easy as blinking for employees to check-in/check-out and their tracking is accurate.

4. Self-Service Systems

With some of the time attendance machines mounted on walls for card swipes, this makes it like a self-service platform. An employee just swipes the card on the machine when they are checking in. From there, since the machine is operating in real time, it will track the working hours for the employee, even the extra time taken. This will be useful information while making payment.

The time tracking attendance systems has brought many advantages to the increase in employee output. Also, the supervisors have less job to do as the machines almost cover everything. Keeping your company up to date with time office software is important in securing your business success. Therefore, considering to install time attendance machines is a wise decision.


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