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The Hammer Comes Down Hard On Schools Not Using Biometric System Of Attendance

Biometric systems are machines that rely on the unique biological traits of a person to identify them and are a technologically evolved and reliable way of keeping a tab on people entering and exiting premises amongst other things. Biometrics are currently the most favored way of security check in every establishment be it hospitals or banks. So, it should not comes as surprise that the government too insists on the use of biometric in order to ensure proper productivity and eliminate any tampering in work timings.
After the recent news of Government offices in Jammu and Kashmir employing adhar based biometric systems to ensure punctuality, the education department of Maharashtra has insisted that all government aided schools must install biometric verification systems if they wish to continue receiving salary and other monetary aids. This decision has come in the light of a lot of bogus staff and students misusing the existing methods of attendance. A recent circular that has been handed out to every government funded school clearly states that schools will only receive funds if the attendance for teacher and students is recorded using biometric.
This is a welcome move as it would ensure that Government funds are being properly utilized to aid the education of those students who are registered in these schools and are attending them on a regular basis, instead of grants being misused for those who dropped out. A survey done in 2011 revealed that 1.08 Lakh schools in Maharashtra had registered fake names of students in order to get funds from the Government. The shocking figure disclosed in the survey lead to stringent steps being taken by the education department in order to ensure the optimum utilization of grants and prevent any further misuse of government money. Biometric devices unlike the traditional method of keeping attendance rely on individual biological data which makes it very difficult to tamper with and hence makes them an effective way of combating the problem of fake identity. This move by the education department would certainly put an end to all such ill practices of schools and assure that funds go to those students who really need them.

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