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Secure & Track your vehicle with Starlink’s Bio Track GPS enabled system.

Secure & Track Your Vehicle With Starlink’s Bio Track GPS Enabled System

Starlink’s Bio Track GPS-enabled systems can help you improve the efficiency and safety of your employees commuting in company vehicles. Unlike biometric devices that allow employees to track employees’ attendance, Bio Track enables companies to keep track of their cars and drivers, allowing them to maximize the effectiveness of these assets.

Here are a few things you can track via Bio Track GPS enabled system biometric devices:

  • Total distance from the office to an employee’s residence.
  • Expected time to reach the point and exact travel duration.
  • Nearby places, public convenience points, and emergency services.
  • Shortest routes.
  • Any suspicious activities such as vehicle not moving for a long time.
  • Live location of the vehicle.
  • Wait duration at a certain point.
  • Boarding or deboarding location of an employee.
  • Marks the attendance.

How does GPS Enabled System Works?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. The GPS is controlled by the DOD (US Department of Defence).

An active GPS tracking system sends real-time information to a central tracking portal. The data is then displayed on the device.

The GPS uses the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) network. These systems not only track the exact location of a device (both still and moving) but can also compute the speed of the moving vehicle.

There are two types of tracking: passive and active. In passive monitoring, GPS systems store the data within the tracking system itself while in activity tracking, these systems send the information to a centralized database regularly.

Who can use Bio Track GPS Enabled Systems?

GPS-enabled systems are biometric security system for everyone who wants to monitor the safety of their loved ones. A few applications of GPS enabled system includes:

  • Organizations can track the cab’s status in real-time.
  • Schools can track the bus’s status in real-time.
  • Parents can track their child’s position in real-time.

Final Thoughts

GPS-enabled systems take the biometric security system to the next level by allowing employers to increase employee safety.

Star link is the leading manufacturer of biometric devices including door access control systems. Star Link’s Bio Track GPS-enabled system is the most renowned and trusted device available in India.

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