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Leave Management System by Star Link

Leave Management System – Easy to use… Credible… Convenient… The more adjectives you use, the lesser. The world is moving ahead. It’s the 21st century. And hence, we see no reason why managing leaves of your employees should be painful, like having a toothache and passing a kidney stone at the same time.

Star Link Communication Private Limited’s leave management system is a simple and quick method to check the present status of your employees. Most importantly, it is easy to use, It is beautifully suited to organizations with a large number of employees. Not just that, it also lets employees to apply for leaves. A day or two after applying, they can also check the status of their leaves. This ensures that decisions taken by management don’t have to be informed to the employees personally. They can check for themselves if leave requests have been approved, if they are pending, or have been cancelled. The administrators of the app can define the number of seniors who would approve these leaves.

Let us not forget that the software system saves you money and a lot of hassle. Your employees don’t waste their time collecting leave application forms from your human resources department, filling them, and rushing to you for getting them signed. They can apply for leaves in their free time, and then, those can be approved, or cancelled, by you, at your comfort. Also, as an employer, you don’t keep wondering who is on vacation today. Or how many leaves has an employee taken in a month. Or who is taking too much off-time. Employees can also check the holidays in the current year. They can see their attendance status.

Technically speaking, the leave management system needs to be connected with our Time Office Software. We would ensure that you get the most out of it.

You know, that need our leave management system. Be it a factory, a hotel, a hospital, or a news agency… this software solution is well-suited to businesses, irrespective of their nature. Go forth. Pick up that phone now. Call Us. Let us make your life easier!


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