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Importance of Leave Management Software

Coercing the employees to adhere to company leave policies is not an easy feat at all. And if done manually, it becomes all the more difficult for the Human Resource professional to maintain compliance and process employee leaves.

In most of the companies today, leave applications, emails and phone calls are perpetually submitted by the employees. The approval, however, requires a lot of effort on the HR’s part and involves delving into the factors like employee history, leaves already utilized, etc.

Leave management is one of the most significant processes within an organization. And while it seems simple on the surface, it requires a significant amount of managerial time.

With leave management software, things have indeed become simpler. Now HR professionals can manage and process leave requests with just a click of few buttons.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of leave management software:

1. Accurate Information at your disposal

Online leave management software renders the HR personnel with precise, error-free information and allows them to delve into employee history and access their balance leaves, attendance patterns and leave requests.

All the aspects of employee attendance are stored on a cloud hub and therefore it becomes a single step process which leaves no room for errors and provides complete access on the go.

2. Complete Transparency

With leave management software, both the HR professionals and the employees have access to employee leave record and balance, and thus the process of leave management becomes all the more transparent.

3. Spreads leave awareness and conveys leave rules

With inbuilt systems, the software provides the employees with complete access to minimum/maximum working days, leave balance, holiday calendar, etc, and ensures that each employee is well-versed with company policies.

4. Utter Compliance

Leave management systems are customized according to organization’s leave policy requirements. This ensures that the software complies completely with your leave policies.

Leave management software thus works without any bias and ensures that neither the HR professionals nor the employees bypass company policies. As a result, there is little to no scope for discrepancies.

The aforementioned advantages are only some of the multifarious reasons why you need to kiss the legacy tools goodbye.

With Starlink’s leave management software, there’s no need to shuffle between registers and spreadsheets and cabinets and multiple leave management systems.

If you’re an HR professional on a lookout for the best leave management and payroll software, Starlink provides some of the finest leave management software and solutions in India. Feel to talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.


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