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Fingerprint Attendance Systems In A Nutshell

If you want a fingerprint recognition attendance system, the following listing would help you quickly go through the devices we manufacture and supply. We present to you, our devices in a nutshell!

    1. Bio-Link- 09 :  IT companies, call centres/ BPOs, small hotels  Bio-Link-09 is an efficient biometric device for use in organisations with up to 200 employees. With a capacity of 2,00,000 records, voice-guided messages let the user know if the punching has been accepted or rejected!
    2. Bio Track – Another fingerprint-recognition attendance system, this one comes ‘handy’! This is a hand-held version, that makes it well-suited to places such as construction sites. The Bio Track device works with Wi-Fi/ LAN/ GPRS. Data push technology sends the data to the server, that helps you manage records.
    3. Industrial Model – As the name suggests, this one is suited for use in industries and large organisations. The metallic body is suited to dusty and harsh environments. It can store up to a whopping 65,000 records! Two large lights on the top, red and green, show the status of the attendance. A battery backup of 2 days makes this suited to industries even more!
    4. Bio Star-09 – There is a reason why this one is called a masterpiece. Rather, there are multiple reasons. For one, hold your breath, Bio Star-09 has a recording capacity of 5,00,000 records! Two, it has a large LCD display that shows the information of an employee. Visual messages and audio messages in English or Hindi verify the punching status.

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